Golfing is a popular pastime year-round on Alabama's Robert Trent Golf Trail.

In recent Good Sam Facebook and Twitter polls, travelers shared their favorite snowbird states to visit during the winter months. We combined all the data, and the winner is (drumroll, please) Florida, followed by Arizona and California in second and third places, respectively.

We’d like to thank the poll recipients who took the time out of their busy schedule of fun to participate in the poll.

Below is the list of winners ranked in order of votes:

1. Florida 8. Utah
2. Arizona 9. New Mexico
3. California 10. North Carolina
4. Nevada 11. Oklahoma
5. Texas 12. South Carolina
6. Louisiana 13. Mississippi
7. Alabama 14. Georgia

Check out the video of what you can expect in these stellar locations (for more, click on the Facebook link poll):

Taken separately, the Twitter poll showed significantly different snowbird preferences:

Wherever you prefer to travel in the Sun Belt, you’ll find something fun to explore along with welcoming RV parks and campgrounds along the way. Check out our Snowbirds Destinations page for inspiration for exploring the Sun Belt.

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