PocketMonkey – World’s Thinnest Utility Tool

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April 12, 2013

zootilityPocketMonkey – World’s Thinnest Utility Tool
By Zootility Tools

What if I told you that you can have a small tool that would fit in your wallet and that possess about twelve functions that could make your day a little bit easier?  You would probably think that I am crazy and wouldn’t believe me in a second…

But wait – this tool does exist now and it is known as the PocketMonkey.   It is made of stainless steel and is about the size zootility1 of a credit card.  It weighs only one ounce, is about one millimeter think and will fit in any kind of wallet.

Now that I got your curiosity, you must be wondering what it can do.   Here’s the list of it’s abilities:

  • Phone kickstand when you insert a credit card.  This will allow you to work at a comfortable angle on your touch phone.
  • Bottle opener if you need it.  Here in Canada we mostly have twist bottles but I guess it’s not the case in the US.  Still you never know when it might be useful….
  • A flat screwdriver which would be useful if you need to fix a light plate in the house or in the RV.
  • A micro screwdriver which is fabulous for us people wearing glasses when the tiny screws are getting loose and your lenses might fall (it happened to me once).
  • A door latch slip – when I told my husband about this he wanted to try it right away with one of our doors in the house…  Unfortunately, it didn’t work because of how our door frames are made.
  • A letter opener which could be handy when you receive mail.
  • Hex wrenches – actually five sizes of hex wrenches in standard English hex-bolt/nut wrenches.   This could be interesting when you are camping.
  • Phillips screwdriver which is always handy to have whether at camping, on the boat or at home.
  • An orange peeler – I will admit that I love orange peelers.  I have one at home and always debate about bringing it at the RV.  Now I don’t have to worry with the PocketMonkey since I will have one at the RV as well!
  • A banana nicker – okay this is definitively my favorite.  I have using my nails when I have to start peeling a banana.   And taking a knife seems silly at times…  but this feature is fabulous!
  • A ruler – not a big one but enough to help if you need to be precise in the small details when you need a specific item for the RV.  It will help you to tell the difference between 3/16” and 1/4”.
  • An earbuds cord wrapper to help you keep them untangled when putting them away.
  • Finally, a straight edge which will allow you to draw, scrape, or more.

When I was approached to review this product, I was curious about it and immediately saw the potential for RVers.   It could be a useful tool for the small jobs in the RV without having to take out the big screwdrivers and so on.   Besides, the flexibility of the PocketMonkey make it to be an ideal tool for the RV or for the fishing trip you are planning with your family.   We received two PocketMonkey tools and I am planning to put one in the RV and one in the tackle box as soon as we open our “portable cottage” like my mother-in-law would say.  However, I have mixed feeling with some of the features of this tool.   When I tried the micro screwdriver on the screws on my glasses, it wouldn’t fit.  Makes me wonder if by any chances the type of screws we use for glasses in Canada could be different to the ones used in the US.   I will assume that it’s the case but since I don’t have glasses made in the US I can’t test this theory.

I’m sure this small tool has been designed with Americans in mind.  I don’t mind it but it would be nice to have a more international version (metrics) available eventually.     This small tool that can make wonders in your RV adventure is available on pre-order only at this point in time.   Orders will be shipped as the PocketMonkey is received in inventory.   Expected delivery is about two weeks.      You can purchase the PocketMonkey directly from ZootilityTools.com for the price of 12$ US.

Disclaimer:   The product has been provided courtesy of Orca Communications Unlimited.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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