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PocketMonkey – World’s Thinnest Utility Tool

PocketMonkey – World’s Thinnest Utility Tool By Zootility Tools What if I told you that you can have a small tool that would fit in your wallet and that possess about twelve functions that could make your day a little bit easier?  You would probably think that I am crazy and wouldn’t believe me in

RV Emergency Repair Kit

How likely is it that your RV will have a breakdown on the road? Most people assume a vehicle breakdown will never to happen to them. When it does happen, they have no plan and no equipment. Regularly scheduled maintenance and a thorough pre-trip inspection improve the chance that your RV will perform up to

Essential RV Tool Kit

Growing up, my Dad had his workshop in the basement, another one in a barn, yet we always kept a few essential tools in a kitchen drawer- just for those quick, minor repairs. If you are a major ‘DIY’ tinkerer, you probably (like me) carry enough tools to build an RV from scratch (at least