Planning an Extended RV Trip

Planning an Extended RV Trip

The enjoyment and fun derived from taking an extended RV trip really starts with the pre-trip planning.  Not only can this time help make your RV adventure a great success, it is also a lot of fun, in some cases almost as memorable as the trip itself.  So, let’s look at what things you may wish to do and study.

Well, if you are leaving home for an extended RV journey, you should advise a family member or friend of your intended route.  That way you can be reached in the case of an emergency.  Additionally, make arrangements for your mail to be gathered, and if required, forward.  Now you should look at each intended overnight stop or destination.  Keeping the daily travel time down to five hours or so during some areas may be worth considering.  This will allow time for unplanned stops at sites of interest along the way.

Stocking up on ample food, snacks, and beverages to last at least to the final destination is a good idea.  You may find it difficult to get into grocery store parking lots with your RV while on the road.  If your route may take you to any high elevation, for example Santa Fe, New Mexico, you should observe some caution regarding sealed products.  Unopened sauce bottles may pop their seal and leak.  Opening these bottles upon arriving at a higher elevation will equalize the pressure.  Special attention should also be done if such higher elevations are anticipated.  Products such as Tassimo coffee, for example, may not be available at local stores.  The outer wrapper on these and similar products become inflated to the point of bursting.  So bring extra Tassimo, and remove them from the outer wrapper, or you will not have any “Cup of Joe” in the morning.

Drawing up a check list is always a good idea prior to taking any long trip.  Let’s look at some of those items you may have on such a hit list.

  • Driver’s license and passports (If applicable)
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Cellular or smart phone and chargers
  • Good Sam RV Travel & Savings Guide
  • Engine top up fluids, oil, glycol, etc.
  • Map and record of booked reservations
  • Personal medications (with prescription copy if crossing international border)

You can probably add to this, just be sure you check it off prior to setting out.

So start the fun now.  Get planning your next adventure.  Then, the only thing missing, is you and your family.  Oh yes, if you have a pet, don’t forget them, their food, and health papers.  Drive safe and enjoy!

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  1. Maryann

    Hi Marty – I don’t know if you got an answer to your problem, but here it is. We travel I-95 south fairly frequently past Baltimore. You need to follow signs to 695 east toward Essex and take the Key Bridge instead of the tunnel. It’s highway all the way and an easy ride.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Sandi bowers

    marty, we have the GPS that they suggest. It is awesome. I know the tunnel you are talking about and motor homes can not enter due to carrying propane. But we have gon thru the tunnel in Alabama that is on I10 and tunnels in Zion. No issues. Have fun

  3. Pam

    Are you referring to the tunnel on I895? Why not take rt 15

  4. Bob Green

    we did a 10 month journey back in 2011 and 2012. put about 25,00 kilometres or about 15,000 miles on the tow vehicle ( we did a fair bit of touring after being parked.) We left western Canadfa in early July, crossed into Vermont in October, down the western side of the Appalachins mountains in the fall to see the colors of the leaves, spent 4 months in Florida, then back up the central part of the USA and into Canada from North Dakota, and back to Alberta.
    A couple of recommendations. Don’t take too many clothes —- there are laundromats everywhere.

  5. Cheryl Adans

    Another good thing to take on extended trips is a file with all your vehicle titles in it.

  6. Dad

    google it……most tunnels are not restricted. Some are, but have signs to warn you of the restriction.

  7. Louis Karol

    Marty to solve u’r problem with tunnels in Baltimore i use the following Routing : I90w to I84w to the end@ I81s to I64e to Richmond Va were u can take I95s to Florida this routing by passes 99% of all toll roads & very scenic 4 lanes all the way . We leave Nova Scotia Canada & find this is a little longer but very enjoyable trip. Enjoy u’r trip

  8. Good Sam Camping

    The Good Sam GPS provides route customization that enables the user to avoid tunnels altogether. Check for more information. You can also call Maryland’s Highway Safety information number to inquire about that particular tunnel at 800-327-3125.

  9. Marty Leonard

    Marty Leonard

    I have just recently become a member of Good Sam Club. My wife and I are planning our first long RV trip with our motorhome. Our plan is to travel from our home in Massachusetts to Florida. I have already utilized the club’s trip planner. My problem is that the route provided sends me through a tunnel in Baltimore. I have been told by friends that do this sort of traveling that if you have propane tanks you are not suppose to travel through tunnels. So I called the Good Sam Assistance number and was told that when in the area just use my cell phone and google maps to find a route around any tunnel I come too. Isn’t there and easier way to avoid tunnels? Triple A use to provide the routes around tunnels when they provided their map booklets. I’m not really too TECH savy and I don’t want to end up in an area where I might not be able to pass for any number of reasons…