On the Trail…in North America

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March 24, 2008

Motorhome at Matanuska GlacierMotorhome parked in front of Matanuska Glacier

Welcome to On the Trail, a travel blog for RVers. In the weeks and months ahead, join me as I report from all over the United States and Canada. I’ll be poking my nose into interesting places, talking to all kinds of people, and offering readers all sorts of ideas about places to visit and things to see and do along the way.

For a taste of the kind of things I’m liable to toss your way, check out this picture of my motorhome parked in front of Matanuska Glacier in Alaska last summer. You won’t find this campground in any of the directories; in fact it’s little more that a gravel road that ends in a trail leading to the glacier. But, for a modest fee, the owners of the land allow you to dry camp in the shadow of this moving river of ice. As you revel in the scenery, you’ll hear the ice crack and groan as gravity pulls it downstream.

Tip for glacier campers: Hike down to the face of the glacier, only a couple hundred yards, and chip some ice for your favorite beverage. As the ice melts to chill your drink, listen closely and you’ll hear a slight fizzing or popping sound. What you’re hearing is air that has been trapped in the ice for thousands of years being released.

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  2. clark

    Thanks for the interesting journey. please keep them coming..

  3. robin p

    Alaska is on our “bucket” list, but not for this year. This summer will be the Oregon Coast, Seattle, Vancouver, Bend, Lake Louise and home! Like “baldhead” we cringe at the gas pump every time we stop … but … it probably won’t get much better, and our feeling is if we don’t do it now, we probably won’t get it done. Sorry kids … we’ll leave you whats left over!

  4. baldhead

    i’m still planning Alaska in May, but every time I look at the gas pump, I cringe. We have a 27′ Class A ….Ford 450…2005. Anyone else planning on going to Alaska have similar concerns? We’d be departing from Texas, and that’s a LONG way!


  5. Jason B.

    “What you’re hearing is air that has been trapped in the ice for thousands of years being released”

    Learned something new there. Any change I’d be able to ice-fish in this area?

  6. One of the best RV trips the group of four Rvers weht from Sacramento to the end of the trail. Plenty of gas stations and RV parks and very few problems Outside of the baby bear cub running to my right front wheel.

  7. Bob

    We are going this spring. How do we get to this place? Thanks Bob

  8. stefan

    just for curiosity how much does the guy charge for that site

  9. Jeff Becker

    Ahhh Yes!

  10. Jack

    You will keep my interest—-I am a National Parks junkie—although I will probaly not make Alaska, I have visited most western NPs.

  11. Bill Simmons

    Looking forward to following along.