O-Grill by Pro-Iroda Industries

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June 18, 2008

The O-Grill by Pro-Iroda Industries

In response to my last post on the Notebook Portable Grill, Aaron was looking for suggestions on a compact gas grill. The Weber® Q™ 100 is probably the gold-standard in compact gas grills (see Sean Michael’s review), but I ran across a similar grill that looks interesting; the O-Grill.

It is obvious that Pro-Iroda Industries had the Baby Q in mind when they designed the O-Grill. Its grilling surface is slightly larger at 225 square inches, versus 189 sq. in. for the Weber, and it cranks out 9,450 BTUs of heat, against the Baby Q’s 8,500 BTUs. Overall size is similar, but the folding legs of the O-Grill make for a much thinner storage configuration. Note that this thinness is also a disadvantage, in that you will not be grilling any whole chickens in this unit. For most grilling duties, however, the O-Grill offers a large cooking area in a relatively small package.

Happy camping!

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  1. joan hayes

    received this grill as a gift and i didn’t have the match extension stick i hope it will be possible for you to send this to me joan hayes 710 w 5th st connersville in 47331 i talked to representive friday morning he told me it wouldn’t be a problem thank you in advance

  2. Thanks Janice – glad to hear from an actual user! Thanks for giving us (Oakland) our first victory last year (hah, hah!), although it was love-hate for me as our families are all Oregon State alums and watched Derek Anderson grow-up there.

  3. Janice

    I can’t rave enough about O-Grill. The BEST cooking surface ever sears the food and then because the cover is slim to the body, cooking is similar to convection. Chicken breasts in about 14 minutes and juicy, steaks 12 minutes for me. Cleanup a snap and best of all I can carry in one hand and stow away in my car so easily.

    At home I rarely use my big grill anymore… and certainly not my oven. Can’t wait for tailgating at Browns Stadium… Orange is perfect. May get a red one for Tailgating at THE OSU – Go Buckeyes!

  4. I vote for the TEC Cherokee infrared. 13,000 BTU’s, 192 sq.in. All aluminum and stainless. (http://www.tecinfrared.com/cherokee-fr.php) Infrared technology gives you a super hot grill that sears in juices and flavor. I like it better than my 3K Lynx grill at home.

  5. I have found the European Outdoor Chef City Grill, to be the easiest and best Portable BBQ anywhere.

    You can see more about it at http://www.RVBBQ.com

    I’ve been using it 4-5 times a week and just love making the beer can chicken with it.