Narrow Victory for Energy Bill in the House

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June 28, 2009

By Bob Difley

The energy bill that passed the House on Friday will no doubt antagonize a lot of people around the country, mostly those from industrial Midwest, farm, and southern states whether Republicans or Democrats. All the Republicans and 44 Democrats that voted against the bill warn that we are in for economic disaster, that carbon caps will raise energy prices forcing more manufacturers to move to China where there are no caps, and to other countries that do not limit greenhouse gasses. They also contend that energy costs will rise to consumers, jobs will be lost, and the country will sink into such debt that it may ruin the country.

On the other hand, those who voted for the bill, all Democrats, feel that this climate legislation would begin to tilt the equation of energy policy in the US. It would cap greenhouse gas emissions for the first time in US history, boost production of renewable electricity sources, create investments in clean-energy technology, create thousands of jobs, and help free us from the grasp of foreign oil producers and their hold on the nation’s economic and foreign policy.

You know that it is going to result in higher energy costs, at least in the near future. Fuel prices will rise, affecting our RV lifestyles. But it may also mean that we will buy smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, and install renewable sources of energy on our rigs, like solar and wind, and maybe boondock more.

I guess it all comes down to whether:

  1. You think that doing nothing is the best policy
  2. You think that doing something is necessary
  3. The Democrats will always find a way to tax and spend your money
  4. The Republicans will always try to keep your earnings and savings in your hands
  5. You think that global warming is real
  6. You think that global warming is a hoax
  7. You are progressive and think the nation needs to move ahead on energy production even if it costs us more for energy
  8. You are conservative and think that big oil and coal are the right answer because they are cheap and efficient
  9. You think that paying more for energy will benefit us all in the long run, and eventually costs will come down as the technology improves
  10. You are tired of having to shell out more money when the systems in place work fine and will for decades to come

I live in a coastl state (California), a blue state, and like the majority of us on the coasts, we tend to be liberal, progressive, and feel that we need to do something now to improve our energy policy and to head off into a new direction, toward renewables and sustainable sources of energy both for our future and that of our children and grandchildren. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, of the twelve House Representatives, eleven voted for passing of the bill. But what can you expect, the Bay Area doesn’t have a single Republican Representative. But maybe it won’t pass in the more conservative Senate. Then nothing will happen.

But what do those of you in the Midwest and South think? Is it an ideological matter? Or are you concerned that the timing (mid-recession) is wrong, the cost is too high, it is unnecessary, or it is a ploy for those in power to get rich? I would be interested in your comments.

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  2. vet66

    We left California years ago because of the entitlement mentality of the elected officials. The Golden State is living on borrowed time because of their vote buying antics with the union pensions, California Coastal Commission, Barbara Boxer. Nancy Pelosi, Governor Moonbeam Brown trying to make a comeback, loons running the University system, and the enviornmentalists who kill jobs worrying about the delta smelt, etc.

    In the San Gorgonio area around North Palm Springs the number of windmills not running on a given day exceeds the number running by a wide margin. If it was so profitable as a means of electrical generation they would all be running. When I see cheap land for sale on Nantucket or the mansions on the beach at Malibu etc. I will start worrying. The rabble in the House may have passed the bill but it wll not pass muster in the Senate. California already scaled back the diesel emission goals because they trucking companies and steamship lines would seriously consider moving their operations down the coast around Topolabampa, Mexico.

    I believe California is beginning to realize that the number of job creators are leaving that state to be replaced by entitlement folks and perpetual students who drain the coffers paying little or no taxes.

    Gore is running a pyramid scheme based on junk science. Don’t fall for it.

  3. Doing nothing will only get us in closer to environmental crisis in the future. Regardless of economic woes, we have to take action now. There are solutions now that will be proved to be sound investment. Our company is one of the leading solar system installer in the Bay area, and we hope to contribute to less energy dependent future. Check out our company at

  4. Joeseph

    On China and India coming around:

    The G-8 has failed to come to any agreement on Climate Change. If we go though with this, we’ll be alone….which makes the effort futile,

  5. Fred a proud American

    “The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling”
    Quick, let’s blame the Liberals, the Democrats, Al Gore, anything you can do to stretch the truth and create your own set of lies to support your own agenda.
    Sorry, but this is not going to bankrupt the country, nor is it going to cost the average American $2975.00 annually as a result.
    What many of you are saying is that you should be allowed to do whatever you want, regardless of the costs. No regulations, yup look at our financial industry. No regards for the future, yup look at our automotive industry. Yes, look where that me me me attitude has gotten us – right where we are. WAKE UP AMERICA!
    Nut jobs are not just relegated to one party, they are everywhere – For every Nancy Pelosi you have a Sarah Palin, for every Al Gore you have a Rush Limbaugh.
    Honestly, I say finally we have a government that is looking towards our future! My grandchildren just may be driving that Hydrogen, or diesel electric powered RV… But, not if we don’t start making some changes. We have seen what doing nothing has gotten us… It is has gotten us right here.

  6. cekkk

    Actually, eight supporting the resolution were Republicans. Only a few Dems dared think for themselves. The problem here is that global warming is, much like the internet, an invention of a politician, Al Gore, not a scientist. Many in the scientific community are beholding to the university industry, hardly a middle of the road group, and faced retribution if they disagreed with the idea that major global climate change could occur in a couple decades or so. Note that many of the Earth is Falling crowd were bemoaning global cooling a short while ago. It would all be harmless politicking if not for the fact that the governments of the world have finally found a way to tax the air we breathe. Science be darned. Warming and cooling was occurring long before mankind began defacing our planet, just as most animal species had disappeared long before barbecue sauce. The world is awash in oil, our country need only develop its own resources in order to end funding all the wars being waged against us by our enemies and note that our glorious pols have been gnashing their teeth on

  7. Hastings Lamb

    Facts are that we all use too much energy, myself included. When innovations such as electric cars, solar, wind, hydraulic and nuclear come together to suspend our dependence on foreign oil to satisfy those needs, when corporate oil companies stop buying up/out alternative energy innovations and take the incentive(s) necessary to make us a energy independent nation, we won’t have to worry about our elected leaders cowtowing and bowing to foreign heads of stateand making ridiculous feel good inane energy legislation.

  8. phil


    Thank God we in Tennessee kept AlBore from becoming president. Please explain to me how I can afford to pay double, even triple energy bills when my income is down 30%. I guess I will just let the government take care of me, not! Obama and all you progressive liberals are ruining a once great country. May America Bless God!

  9. kramz

    TXBrad is right. Nobody read the entire bill before voting on it….because a copy of the bill did not exist when they voted on it. This violates House rules but apparently, with the dems in charge, rules really don’t matter. I don’t know anybody that isn’t for protecting the environment but this bill isn’t about the environment. It’s about money and power. Even though CO2 IS NOT a pollutant, if the powers that be really wanted to reduce CO2 emmisions they would be scrambling to build nuclear power plants. We’ve built about alll the hydroelectric plants that are feasible so nuclear is currently the only viable way to produce large quantities of electricity without producing CO2. I hope that the pundits are right and that this bill has no chance in the Senate and I pray that the American people will make the morons who voted for this bill pay in 2010.

  10. brett

    Hey…. arent you guys bankrupt from the illegal green peace stuff??

  11. TXBrad

    Bob: Did you read the 1000+- page Bill w/ the 300 page admendment ? Can anyone name 1 person who read the Bill ?
    How much data from the Federal budget folks & EPA was silenced ? How many House reps. were promised deals storng armed to vote for this Bill ?? How many voted the way the people that elected them would have wanted.
    How come Ford got no Bail out & selling Fords. Bailed out GM & Chrysler filing Bank rupt. ??? How come only 50% of banks got no Bail out & doing fine?
    Where are all the new jobs ? Typical Liberal lies. Change ! Wait until full Govt. health care & etc. txbrad

  12. Ann Maynard

    Ditto Tom ! The elite liberals in Washington leave carbon footprints the size ot the jolly GREEN giant !

  13. Jack and Nancy Felicita

    We agree with most all of the posts here. In our humble opinion, it comes down to choices-or rather our choices being taken away from us. If we are forced to go green-the choice of which vehicles we drive will be drastically reduced. The choice of which energy source we want to use to heat our homes will be taken away from us. Anything that requires energy of any kind that we had a choice in will be taken away from us, and why? Because SOMEONE said we were in a crisis. AH, that illusive SOMEONE. Can anyone tell me who this person is? I mean, besides Al Gore? The last I knew, he wasn’t a scientist. He wasn’t a meterologist or even a weatherman, so where did he get his experience? What happened is, these zealots saw in this President, an opening. Finally, after all these years of crying, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, they found a…..SOMEONE to take the lead for them. The only thing is-his reason for taking the lead and their reasons are two different things. Theirs are obvious as we all know. His are pretty well hidden. One only need to think about it-most of the manufacturing jobs have already left this country for cheaper labor elsewhere. Now the auto industry has collapsed, so what’s left? Can anyone name anywhere in this country where all these 3-4 million NEW jobs he promised to create are going to materialize? I didn’t think so, I can’t either. So, he is using this “crisis” to create this jobs he promised. He is using these “greenies” to promote his job creation promises. He has no interest in saving the environment, only his political career. So what happens when all the windmills and all the solar panels are built and in place? What happens when the rest of the world economies collapse when America stops dealing with them? When America isolates itself completely from the rest of the world? And we only rely upon our government for our crops and our fuel and our energy and our air and our money and our health care and…and…and…that’s what we should be more concerned about, don’t you agree?

  14. Vegasdan

    It’s not just a matter of opening your wallets or writing your checks every year to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (their original name), now someone will actually come to your home, turn you upside down and shake out evey coin in your pockets. God help us all.

    Don’t tread on me!

  15. Pat Bisson

    I agree with Karen Havens post above. If you don’t want this bill to pass in its present form, call, write, or email your senator and let them know why. Ask them to respond as to why they support or don’t support it; tell they you need the facts so you can decide whether they deserve your vote when they run for re-election.

  16. Karen Havens

    Many of you do not think this will pass the Senate. Your first move should be to contact your Senator and voice your opinion. I am from Illinois. I have noticed that my Senators Durbin and Burris vote the Democratic line. Period!! Even though Illinois gets its electricial energy from tons of coal from out west, I personally am going to be calling and stating my objections. Here is the Congressional telephone number 202-224-3121. Put this number in your cell phone! Call ask for your Senator. Tell the person who takes the message your opinion. Be clear! I am against……(give your reason)….then you will be asked for your zip and city. Sometimes they ask for your name.
    The House phone lines were jammed against this bill, yet it passed by one.
    Call, email, write, and also call your Senators offices in your state!
    We enjoy traveling in our motorhome. When fuel hit close to $5./gal, we parked. We filled up after arriving home for $2.44/gallon for diesel fuel. Any tax added to fuel, electricity, energy will cost everyone!
    Remember to call!

  17. John A. Holveck

    You live in Liberal California which is about to go bankrupt in a few days for its liberal policys. I believe that I’ll stay in a conservative state. I will agree that we need more nuclear power plants which California refuses.

  18. Tom Smythe

    I’m a farm boy from the midwest. Grew up where we did things that took care of the land, the rivers, the air, and the livestock. Why? Because without it, our way of life would be gone. So, I read the studies on global warming gasses and guess what I discovered? Livestock produce more of those gasses than mankind! If you want to stop global warming, kill all the animals. It’s that easy. Then, we can continue operations with the existing standards (where they exist), go to war with those who have no standards to impose our standards on them (to make them exist), and pretend we’re the best in the world (as long as we have money – hey, we have printing presses!).

    Enough with the insanity. Reality check. Carbon taxes, more rigorous standards, and penalties the rest of the world will not follow do nothing but line the pockets of politicians and those who benefit from the legislation. In case you’re wondering, that’s not you and me. Every political hack in D.C. pays back their constituency. What we’re seeing is one of the biggest paybacks in history. The reason they’re so flagrant about it is because their followers are so niave. They honestly believe the current administration is good when, there is no such thing.

    Many fought Bush and the expensive programs implemented. Many are fighting Obama and his expensive programs. But, congress does not fear the people. They are doing exactly what they want, laughing in our faces as they do it. People who speak out against an out-of-control government are labeled racist, war-monger, evil, etc… The issues are never discussed with facts. Rather, name-calling ensues and the “discussion” ends. Such is the march toward the enslavement of America – regardless of the party in charge.

    We saw how Americans think in the last election. The majority of them don’t. Now, don’t expect them to think when it comes to “penalizing the rich” since the average American doesn’t have the brains to understand what that means.

    The only possible course left is to teach your children the values that matter. A good work ethic, honesty, integrity, honor, faith, and responsibility. Teach your children to think for themselves, not follow the herd. You need to teach your children because the schools don’t teach any more.

    Oh, for the majority that will slam my post, have fun. Eat a cookie while you do it. You’ll feel better about it in the morning.


  19. Andy Patnode

    Seems a lot of miss information is being circulated in this thread. “9500 experts in the field say it’s not caused by human’s, it’s natural cycle.” “Senior scientist from Europe & Israel now question the whole preise of global warming” Where in the world are you getting this information? From that e-mail just recieved? Everything I’ve read states that the vast, vast , majority of the worlds experts in this field believe the problem is real & CO2 is a major factor. Let’s not worry about what China & India are doing., they’ll soon wake up. Remember the smog at the last Olympics? Is this the way we want to live? I remember when Lake Erie caught on fire. The folks on this post complaing how the costs of cleaning our air sound a lot like folks of yore saying cleaning the polution & aid rain was too expensive, cost jobs & would hurt the poor. Folks this is life, this is the air we breath, this is the earth we live on. Let’s take care of it.

  20. Tireman9

    Personally I see no reason for any pollution laws. If I want to change the oil in my rig and dump the oil in the local river or if I want to have a nice open fire at my camp site or if I want to dispose of my trash in a burn barrel I defy you to point to anyone that is hurt by these actions. All these new laws do is raise costs and stifle free enterprise.

    Lets face reality folks. None of these proposed changes will have an impact on Global Warming since this Myth is based on smoke and mirrors.

    We all know that it is just the tree hugging socialists that have invented the Myth of Global Warming so they can grow Big Government.

    Even if Global Warming is true, and we all know it’s not, who is is going to affect? Not me and probably not anyone reading this Blog.

    Real scientists have told us that in the past the Earth had much higher CO2 and higher temperature so what’s the problem?

    I agree with Larry. This is an RV blog so we need to remember the next time we leave a campsite don’t worry about leaving your trash around and you can save some money if you dump your tanks on the ground. Let someone else clean up the mess.

  21. Larry Lindquist

    This is not a political blog Difley! How about confining your liberal rantings to RVing.

  22. Larry Gallagher

    Being from Tennessee every time I think of Al Gore I want to vomit. This guy has pushed all the “Green” crap while mining in Tennessee ( non enviornmental) and putting megabucks in his pocket. What happened to the study that came out of Spain outlining what a financial disaster the wind power project was in Spain? The “Green” people are real quiet about this. All I can see from cap and trade is higher energy costs and taxes. If Obama gets his way the country will be bankrupt in short order. You being from California should see what all the left wing give-away has done to your economy (California Bankrupcy!) I could go on and on, but why bother..The country voted it’s feelings, now we have to try and survive it. Larry Gallagher, Maryville Tn.

  23. I feel that NBC and it’s parent compant GE are too influential when it comes to decision making about what energy policies are best for the country. The botttom line is that I just don’t trust that the politicians in Washington are voting based on common sense, but for the most part are voting party lines.

    Renewable sources are great and that is where we need to be looking, but not at the cost of bankrupting an already fragile economy. We don’t need solar panels in Seattle and we don’t need wind turbines in Alabama.

    I believe that global warming is real but don’t necessarily know how much it is influenced by human factors.

    I would love to see a bill that could garner bipartisan support and know it is not pro Democratic or pro Republican. Until we get that we get nothing but dangerous policy making out Washington.

  24. Kurt Hammerschmidt

    Someone said it won’t affect the wealthy as much as the poor if it gets passed. I think all those running around the country in class A motorhomes would be considered wealthy by the poor in America and those big suckers eat up a lot of gasoline. I wonder how many of them will have to be parked for the duration because the cost of gasoline & diesel doubled. I personally am trying to sell my home and begin full timing but that isn’t going to happen if energy costs double.
    America is well on it’s way to its demise with socialism getting a strangle hold on us. It’s too bad the average American’s education is so limited that he has allowed this creep of socialism and actually cheered for it. JMHO

  25. Manuel Enos

    A lot of people thought it wouldn’t get by the house but it did. When are we as a nation going to learn that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat held house listen to no one but themselves. Global warming is a farce, Al Gore is making millions off scared money grubbing greenies and Dubai is Arab only in name. 90 per cent of the companies living there are western and they are going to increase as this whole CRAP & TRADE bring this country along with HEALTHLESS CARE to its knees financially as well as morally…2012 is coming…

  26. Carl Spitz

    Look what else San Francisco has given us “Nancy” another big mistake maybe some day you guys will get right. 9500 Scientist from around the world that are recongnized experts in the field of climate change have said that ‘Globle warming” is not caused by human’s. It part of a cycle the world is going through.
    I do not think Al Gore is a recognized expert in that subject. Maybe Miss Nancy should give up that fancy new airplane she is using that takes twice as much fuel as the old one. Maybe while I am at it maybe all those congress people should go on the same Health Care plan as the rest of us are on and see how they like it

  27. Dan Rambow

    Unfortunately, I see this bill as a feel-good policy, that will cost us all money, in energy costs and taxes. The real problem is that the ‘liberal’ politicians like to make grandiose gestures on how to be green, but they are misguided in what really works.

    Take the big movement to stop using plastic bags, use paper, recycle it all, etc. It actually costs more to use the paper bags and try to recycle them, and hurts the environment much more than using the plastic bags in the first place. It is a feel-good, we are doing a green thing, but the reality is that it doesn’t really help the environment, and costs us money.

    Another example is the big lie ‘ethanol’, where it costs more to produce ethanol from corn than the energy it produces, and in turn drives the cost up for all the other food products that depend on corn. But there are other crops and ‘weeds’ that can produce ethanol more efficently than corn, but they aren’t politically attractive to the farm lobby that already has the infrastructure in place for corn.

    I want to be free from dependance on foreign oil. Nuclear, solar, wind, and yes coal, develop them and use them. Bio-diesel from alge and other waste agriculture products, go for it. Down the road, lets get hydrogen working, it will take time, but lets do the research now!

    And I want to drive a big RV, I want to live in it. I don’t want some smallish eurostyle green RV. Give me bio-diesel in a 400hp engine, I will be happy. Better yet, give me a 50hp bio-diesel engine running a generator to drive electric motors on a big RV like a locomotive, I will be very happy.

    But even in living in a big RV with today’s technology, I doubt that I will drive it more than 5-7000 miles a year. A drop in the bucket of energy use, compared to all those house bound, commuting workers all over the country.

    And so it goes . . .

  28. Ron Swafford

    Some people say it much better than I. Here’s a comment in the Patriot Post

    “The Heritage Foundation’s senior policy analyst for energy and environment, Ben Lieberman, has produced a stellar paper on [the cap and trade bill]… Based on available evidence and analysis, Lieberman concludes ‘that both the seriousness and imminence of anthropogenic global warming has been overstated.’ But even if we assume the problem is as bad as the hysterics claim, the proposed bill ‘would have a trivial impact on future concentrations of greenhouse gases. …[It] would reduce the earth’s future temperature by 0.1 to 0.2 degree C by 2100, an amount too small to even notice.’ The bill would bind only the U.S., not other nations, many of which, like China, are ‘polluting’ at a record pace. Also note that many European nations that have already imposed similar emissions restrictions have seen their emissions rise. But what would the costs be for this quixotic legislative paean to earth goddess Gaia? Contrary to the flawed analyses being advanced by the bill’s proponents, Heritage estimates that the direct costs would be an average of $829 per year for a household of four, totaling $20,000 between 2012 and 2035. But when considering the total cost as reflected in the cost of allocations and offsets, the average cost to that family unit would be $2,979 annually from 2012 to 2035. Adding insult and hypocrisy to injury, the bill would hurt the poor the worst because they would bear a disproportionate burden of the higher energy costs the bill would trigger. Now here’s the kicker. The bill is also projected to harm the manufacturing sector and cause estimated ‘net’ job losses, averaging about 1.15 million between 2012 and 2030. The overall gross domestic product losses would average $393 billion per year from 2012 to 2035, and the cumulative loss in gross domestic product would be $9.4 trillion by 2035. The national debt for a family of four would increase by $115,000 by 2035. Enough already. Throw the bums out.” –columnist David Limbaugh

  29. Glen Odom

    As we have seen Al Gore has simply made a fortune running around talking about Global Warming and look at his house and cars. I believe down South we call that talking out of TWO SIDES of the MOUTH!!!

    I simply can’t see how we can keep this spending game up? I just wonder if Obama truely simply plans to bankrupt America on purpose? It is evident this guy isn’t a true American “Citizen” since he hasn’t produced the BC. Makes one really wonder what his true end run purpose is? Maybe simply destroy America without a shot being fired as some have already forecast! Scary, Scary!!!!

  30. Earl Morgan

    I hope you are right (won’t pass Senate) this bill will cost trillions and we still will be producing energy with coal and imports. The global warming is junk science. The Earth is warming as a part of its normal cycle, it has happened before and it will happen again. Many scientists agree but the liberal press won’t give them ink.

  31. Ron Swafford

    Bob, In answer to your last paragraph – “YES” to all of the questions. It is beyond me why people still believe the ALGORE crap. Even the senior scientists from nations like France, Germany and Israel who were with Gore in the beginning have looked at the research and now question the whole premise of “global warming.” Even the EPA doesn’t believe it, according to an email revealed just today, that essentially stated that! (Of course the Obama administration quickly let the author know that he was “not helping the cause!”) I AM one who believes we have a responsibility to live responsibly and conserve, recycle, etc. But to think that we can stop sun spots to change the climate is ludicrous.

    I now understand why you think the way you do when you let it be known that you are a “progressive.” That’s not just liberal, but means one who believes the government has all the answers – and goes all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. (Like Hillary said when asked if she were a liberal, her response was that she was a “progressive” like those in the turn of the century – and she meant the 20th century.)

  32. Ellen F

    Personally, I’m getting really tired of the Democrats spending my paycheck faster than I can make it!!!

  33. I think that this is just another Democrat TAX. What is next?? With this they are taxing the very air that you and I breath. Think I’m crazy?? What are they taxing?? CO2. What is CO2 good for?? Well every green plant on good old planet earth takes in CO2 and gives off oxegyn as a by product.

    Yes dear friends the democrats have finally found a way to tax even the air we breath. This is estimated to cost every American another $1745 per year (figure found in local paper). I for one just don’t think our economy can take much more of the liberal democrats spend and tax policies and survive.

    I say if you live in California and want to drive a small electric RV, find one, buy it and good for you but your desires should not impact what I drive.

    As for “Global warming” just remember this was dreamed up by scientists and weather men that can’t even tell what the weather will be tomorrow, and you believe they know what will happen years from now?? lol

  34. Dan

    Bill sucks. You guys keep buying our power from the Grid. We are still building those coal fired plant’s along with our hydro power. That’s why your state is Billions in the hole. And big business is moving here to the midwest. Go Green. We are green here but it takes Diesel and ethonal to get there. And yes we are a RED state. No rolling black outs here.

  35. Joe

    I can’t find anyone who thinks it will pass the Senate, so the whole exercise was saber rattling for show. It was more about flexing political muscle and pleasing special interest groups than actually changing anything.

    There were some Republicans who voted for it, contrary to what the article says. It was a small number (8), but it’s important to get the facts right.

    I’m also not sure why the article calls the Senate more conservative than the House. Right now, there are 40 Republican Senators (40%) and 178 Republican Representatives (41%). If anything, the House has slightly more Republicans (by %). The Democrats can pass anything they want to right now if they can get their own party behind it. Only Democrats can stop the Democrat agenda.

    There are a number of Democrats who are mad at their leadership for making them ‘walk the plank’ (their words, not mine) and vote for something that will get them in trouble in their districts and never become law.

    I don’t see any evidence that China or India are coming along with any concern about global warming. Without them, all the US effort in the world won’t do a bit of good.

    Most importantly, I’m afraid that a real opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign energy was squandered by drawing a line in the sand with a bad policy. That’s too bad.

    I don’t think it will have any impact on RVers, because the bill won’t become law.

    Say it does become law…..the greatest impact will be felt by poor Americans and people on fixed incomes. Ironic that the bill has been championed by Democrats, no?

  36. Doug – I think China is coming around, though. They are currently the largest supplier of solar panels in the world, and they are investing in small, clean, regional nuclear energy plants. But yes, they are still producing coal plants also. But even oil rich Arabian nations are seeing the future. One of the largest solar arrays in the world is being built in Dubai. I think we need to incorporate many different sources of energy, even natural gas for the near term, and wind, solar, biomass, and nuclear for the long run. Anything, for now, that first, reduces our foreign oil imports, and second, reduces our use of oil and coal.

  37. On the one hand you don’t want to continue to pollute the environment, and on the other hand developing economies such as China and India are not participating in efforts to reduce carbon emissions, so they will be able to produce goods at lower cost.

    I honestly think that we need to start investing more in nuclear energy, as there does not seem to be a serious alternative to supplying our demands.