Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon; all is a week’s work.

Starting last week with WGN TV Chicago, I kicked off the Buried Logic “7 Sins of Summer Safety” media tour reporting for local news outlets and exploring along the way. I call it “bringing the far away to my own front door.” Actually, it’s bringing it to the back door of my Lance Camper.


After two quick stops in Denver with Fox 31 and The Deuce, it was off to Phoenix for Good Day Arizona and Sonoran Living.

One of the many benefits of living and working out of my RV, is the ability to “find adventure where I find myself.” Over the last few days those impromptu adventurers have come in the form of Arches National Park in Utah and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

What wind, water and the march of time have done to the earth in these two treasures is breathtaking.  Here, the spectacular craftsmanship of gravity and erosion, have etched the earth for eons. That rain and rivers can craft such majesty, always gives me pause.

Though Michelangelo never visited these two wonders, I am certain he understood the feeling one receives standing in natural works of art. “My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth’s loveliness,” he said.



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