essential items for your rv

Bring these 10 must-have items on your RV journeys.

One of the luxuries of traveling by RV is all the stuff you can bring with you. No worries about what size suitcase or what clothes and shoes you want to take. Take them all! However, while the cargo you choose to take for personal comfort is up to you, there are other items you should always have onboard. Here are 10 of them.

essential items for your rvRoad Emergency Markers: The orange emergency warning triangles, flares and the like to warn traffic should you become inoperative on the road.

Wheel Chocks: These blocks, while mandatory in some jurisdictions for air-brake-equipped vehicles, can be used to prevent a vehicle from unintentional movement. For example, a gas rig with a sheared “U” joint.

Basic Tools: Some basic tools are a must, even for non-mechanically inclined owners. Some very simple fixes such as securing a loose basement locker door require at least a screwdriver.

Extra Running Fluids: Additional quantities of every fluid that the vehicle uses must be onboard. Such things as engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, glycol and windshield washer fluid.

essential items for your rvOnboard Air Compressor: An important item to have onboard a class A coach, and particularly a diesel pusher. With tire pressures as high as 120 psi, many service stations can not supply sufficiently high enough pressure. With diesel pushers with engine driven compressors operating at 85 to 120 psi, it is time-consuming and an awkward task to top up tires requiring 115/120 pressure ratings.

Paper Maps: Yes, old fashion maps! While they are not as spiffy as today’s GPS offerings, they always work in a pinch. They are also handy for road-trip planning.

Spare Electrical Fuses: There are three sizes of automotive fuses used today. Not everyone carries all types. Sometimes fuses just fail and never have another issue.

An Electric Multi-Meter: These instruments are inexpensive and can be invaluable when it comes to troubleshooting.

Flashlightsessential items for your rv and Spare Batteries: Keep at least two flashlights and spare batteries onboard at all times.

A Reliable Phone: Unfortunately, the cell phone has evolved into a must-carry item in travel today. Even a non-connected cell phone can be used in most areas for emergency 911 calls. Also, make sure your phone is protected by a sturdy case — one bad drop is enough to cut off your communications.

Of course, we can’t forget this 2-piece, tongue-in-cheek, fix-all tool kit! It consists of the following;

1 – Can of WD-40

1 – Roll of duct tape


If it is supposed to move and doesn’t, apply WD-40

If it moves and is not suppose to, apply duct tape.


Peter Mercer – With What You Need

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