Making Good on a Pinched Gasket

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October 31, 2013

ActionLineOn a cross-country trip to Disney World, the air conditioner in Jack Ray’s year-old motorhome started dripping water. A Camping World repairman told Ray the gasket had been pinched during installation, causing the leak. When the motorhome’s manufacturer refused to reimburse the Washington Good Sam member for the repairs, he approached Action Line for help:

We purchased our 2011 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite Class C motorhome in August of 2011. Over the course of the next year, we encountered a number of problems, from water leaking into the light above the driver’s cab to a broken hot-water handle. After several trips to the dealer, everything was eventually taken care of under the warranty.

Then in October of 2012, we took our great-granddaughter to Disney World in Orlando. Every time we turned off the air conditioner, water leaked out of the grill onto the floor. The service technician at the Camping World in Seffner, Florida, found that a gasket had been pinched during installation of the air conditioner at the factory.

I sent Holiday Rambler a copy of the $302.96 bill, photos of the pinched gasket and a letter requesting reimbursement. A month later I called Holiday Rambler and was told they had declined my request because the motorhome was past the warranty date. I’m turning to Action Line for assistance and would appreciate anything you can do.

After Good Sam contacted Holiday Rambler on Jack Ray’s behalf, Ray sent Action Line the following thank-you note:

I finally received a check for the full amount of $302.96. I’m certain that this never would have occurred if not for your assistance. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you and your fine organization.

 Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolve thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance from Good Sam, contact Action Line.

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