NEW! Magellan Roadmate Pro 9165T GPS Receiver

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July 26, 2011

Magellan® and Good Sam have teamed up to produce the all-new RoadMate® Pro 9165T, a robust GPS device that is specifically designed for those who love to RV.

An extra-wide, high-definition 7-inch touchscreen offers large vehicle and RV settings that map routes based on vehicle height, width, length, and weight. This intelligent navigator will plan routes according to your preferences, making the drive much more error-free and enjoyable for you, your family, and friends.

The RoadMate® Pro will be invaluable on your travels as it is pre-loaded with U.S. and Canada campground information from Trailer Life Directory, and Good Sam discount locations. The 9165T will give you guidance on million points of interest (POI) near and far, pet-friendly parks, and RV service and parking.

And, the device comes with a Heavy Duty Extension Mount that is extremely versatile and designed for vehicles with deep dashboards. You can easily make adjustments to get the viewing position that works for you.

The Magellan® RoadMate® Pro 9165T offers superior navigation for a safe and secure driving experience. Drivers can plan and customize routes in advance to become familiar with their route before driving it. Turn-by-turn spoken directions let them to keep their eyes on the roads.

Best of all, with the RoadMate Pro you can quickly navigate to Good Sam certified campgrounds where you can enjoy member discounts.


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  1. Karen Dusenbery

    Thank you for the information. We have had the Magellan roadmate 1700 for several years and it has the same problems mentioned here. We were going to purchase a new one and looked here for information, but decided to pass after seeing the comments. Thank you.

  2. Ron

    Since my previous comments about how poor this GPS operates I forgot to mention that my unit would also shut down for no apparent reason. When you are going down the road, and the GPS shuts down and says it is to install an update, this is just ONE MORE problem with the GPS unit. It is not connected to a PC at this time so it cannot possibly download any updates. The unit just quits and shuts down, while you are traveling. I thought that I had a bad connection, but it has nothing to do with a bad connection. The unit is just not useable for RV travel. I understand that Magellan now has a 9145 that they claim is RV specific. If it is like this 9165, run away and do not even consider it. Magellen has offered no software updates to make the 9165 really RV specific so you can be assured that they will not support the 9145. Good Sams/Magellen got me for $350, abandoned support for the 9165, and I hope others will not make the same mistake.

  3. Robert – we’re so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your Magellan Roadmate GPS as other members have. It sounds like the unit was shutting down to install updates required of optimal performance. If this process is interrupted, the unit may not perform as intended. We would like to learn more about your specific situation. Please email [email protected] along with your member information, and we would be happy to check into this issue.

  4. J.R.Lafrance

    Microsoft Streets and trips with it’s cheap GPs receiver ,coupled with the Megafile downloadable to enhance it with different POI’s and displayed on a cheap netbook is what we use. It is the best I could find after playing with numerous stock GPS’s. I use it for planning and driving. It has it’s failings like they all have . You cannot live happily with them but living without them is worst.

  5. Robert

    We bought 3 Magellan’s within 3 months. Each one stopped working. The first and second one starting showing a message reading “shutting down to update”. It would go off. Then I would turn it back on and it would do the same thing. The third one just stayed on the same screen and would not move. With the third Magellan we upgraded to a more expensive model thinking the more expensive model would be better. Whatever the problem, Magellan needs to do whatever to fix the problems. After our experiences, I would not recommend a Magellan to anyone.

  6. Ed, again, we are sorry to hear of the trouble that you’ve had with this GPS model. Our first recommendation to attempt to resolve the issue that you are having is to check to make sure that you have all of the most recent updates installed on your GPS. Try this first, and it will hopefully resolve your issues.

    If you continue to have issues after this, please email [email protected], and we will check into how we can correct this issue.

  7. Ed, we are so sorry to hear of the trouble that you had with the Magellan Roadmate GPS. We are checking into this and will get back with you on it as soon as possible.

  8. Ed Perlick

    Although my Super Duty truck came with a GPS, I purchased the Magellan Roadmate Pro 9165T before taking a 4,000 mile trip with my new 5th wheel trailer. When I received it in mid Aug, I tested it around town and it seemed to work. On Sept 24, we started our vacation. About thirty miles down the riad, the 9165T flashed a message that it was shutting down and it turned itself off. When I turned it back on, it shut itself off immediately. That night, I pluged it into 110v and plotted the course for the next day. Day 2: Same results. Day 3 – 23 more of the same. I checked the Magellan website and my problem wasn’t mentioned, so I used their link to a form to submit my problem for tech support. I am still waiting for a reply. I am now back home so I called Magellan. I asked both the seller and Magellan if I could return the unit for a refund. Both said that was limited to 30 days after purchase, unless I paid extra for the extended warranty. I wanted this GPS for my vacation, but was not once able to use it. I threw away @ $400 for this thing. I also noticed that you cannot input GPS coordinates and the unit does not show fuel prices like the GPS that came with my truck does.

  9. Gary and Lyn – We’re disappointed to hear that you have not enjoyed your Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T. Most RVers have really found this to be a very helpful tool when traveling. We don’t want any Good Sam member to be unhappy with their purchase, so feel free to send it back along with your receipts and we will take care of the rest.

  10. Garry & Lyn

    The Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T is not RV friendly and we are returning it. Here are the reasons why.
    FIRST, it is advertised for RV’s, but when you get to “vehicle type” the only choices are Trucks/Semi.
    SECOND, you can’t plan a trip. I wanted to plan an upcoming trip from Kansas to Texas, but it starts me at my present location in Colorado.
    THIRD, you can’t save a trip, like the one I was trying to plan.
    We had upgraded our CoPilot Live v8 software for the computer a few months back, but weren’t too happy with some of their changes. This experience has made us look at this software again, and in doing so have taken the time to really work with it. Liking it more and more. It’s amazing what reading the manual can do for ya!!
    CoPilot Live v8 does have an RV type. You can plan trips and save them. If you have a certain route you want to take, you can change ‘stops’ to ‘way-points’, and go on the exact road you want. The screen of my computer is bigger and easier to see. If you don’t want to use your personal laptop, heck buy a small one for just this use. At the price of laptops these days, you can get one cheaper than the Magellan. Oh, I just remembered that you can get this for your phone and IPad, too.
    CoPilot doesn’t have all the campgrounds like Good Sam has in Magellan, but that’s why I have a Directory to look up campgrounds.

  11. Chas Caldwell

    The remarks by Dennis were discouraging and the operation of GPS systems all seem to be quirky. We were thinking of getting the Magellan but decided to pass. If a GPS can’t keep you on good roads AND route you the quickest or shortest way as you choose, they aren’t worth fooling with. My Garmin will take me one way and an entirely different way back – and the Garmin techs can’t explain why. For the price, there should be free map updates and reliable routing!

  12. We purchased both the Magellan and the Roadmaster GPS units supposedly designed for RVers. The Magellan allows you to input your motorhome profile; regardless, both models took us on streets where there was no advance warning of an underpass that was a foot too short for the motorhome; routed us to an unmarked dirt road and on various circuitous routes when a straight route was equally available. Both required significant data downloads and time spent with techs who either didn’t speak American English or who didn’t bother to return multiple phone calls. We’ve given up on the “RV” designs and have gone with a simple, much cheaper and more accurate Garmin model. Got our money back on the Magellan and am waiting for our refund from Roadmaster.

  13. Bob D'Amore

    I would also like to see a non-biased and objective comparison between the Magellean 9165T and the Rand McNally RVND 5510.

    We purchased the RVND a few months ago and love it. When the Vehicle Type is RV, you can specify the height, weight and length (with or without trailer/towed vehicle) of your RV, as well as what your propane tank capacity is. The latter piece of info results in warnings if your route includes any tunnels or roadways that have hazmat restrictions you should avoid. And of course the size information helps determine the correct routes for large vehicles which were spot-on for some recent long trips (3000+ miles). Rand McNally also makes a popular trucker’s GPS (the TND model), but the RVND is very specific to RVs and does not rely on truck-specific information to determine routes. When we move the unit to our towed vehicle, we simply switch to Car as the vehicle type. Free updates are provided every few weeks through docking software that installs on your PC, which include construction, POI and campground information. Maps will be updated periodically (perhaps yearly) for a fee (because the unit is new, there hasn’t been an update and/or cost published yet). The RVND also has Junction View and Lane Assist, and the campground search feature while on the road allows you to map the location so you can see exactly where it is in relation to the highway you are traveling, priceless if you are looking for easy off and on access. We had some initial problems with the map orientation changing which RVND Tech Support determined was due to a Map feature called Auto Scale. We turned this off and have had no further issues. It’s Tell Rand feature allows you to report problems and/or inaccuracies with routes or maps. Unless you are going to use your GPS for traveling/commuting in and around larger cities (something to avoid with most RVs), I would recommend against adding the Real Time Traffic Receiver which is pretty much useless on the Interstates and major highways (the antennas are too short and don’t work well in most Class A motor homes).

    I don’t know why it took so long for the GPS manufacturers to come up with an RV solution, but I’m glad they finally did and there are at least two choices for RV’ers.

  14. Ron

    Update to my previous post. I decided to try one thing different, which was to remove my vehicle description from the GPS database. This did not make any difference. The GPS still routed me past my destination on the left side of a divided highway, where I could have made a left turn right into the location. It took me to a major intersection where it directed me to make a U-turn and back track to my destination. Basically removing my vehicle description DID NOT remove the default vehicle description, which is “TRUCK with one trailer”. The GPS cannot be used with an automobile format, or a smaller RV, unless you want to be routed like a commercial TRUCK. Obviously I have not tried it yet to see if it will even direct me to places like the Blue Ridge Parkway, or other places, where commercial vehicles are prohibited. Checking the GPS database shows the MAP that this unit uses for reference is the North American TRUCK map source. Unless there is something that I have missed, other than what it says on the box about this GPS being “Made for RV’s”, and the RV park POI’s, I can see nothing in this GPS that is geared to RV’s owners. This is a commercial TRUCK GPS, period.

  15. Ron

    I rec’d my Good Sam’s Magellan 9165T yesterday. I did update the software to the newer 1.23 version.
    I was under the impression that this was a GPS specifically set up for RV’s. It does have the database for RV parks, etc, but it DOES NOT allow me to input an RV into the vehicle type. I have ONLY four vehicle types and they include, Truck with one trailer, Truck with two trailers, Truck with three or more trailers, Semi/tractor, with one or more trailers. It does not have a setting for an RV, or for any vehicle without a trailer. Because of this limitation, the GPS now routes me using ONLY truck routes. This morning, it took me well past my destination to make a U turn at a major intersection so that I could get to my destination. With my 25′ RV, I could easily have made a left turn into the destination. Apparently, since the closest vehicle type that I could chose was “Truck with one trailer”, it does not want to make left turns, even tho I have set my vehicle length as 300″. Personally I am thinking that the “T” after 9165 indicates that this is a TRUCK specific GPS with some RV parks added to the database of POI’s. It I will route me as a COMMERCIAL truck and NOT as a small RV.

  16. Robert Beck

    I have a Magellan Maestro 5310. Is there software available for this unit that will warn of low bridges and RV parks, etc”

    If not is the unit advertised in this ad equipped to warn of low bridges?

  17. Lynelle N. Phillips

    Most GPS’s require a map update subscription. I paid $80 for a lifetime map update (lifetime of the device, not me) for my Garmin 250W. Does this Magellan have similar update programs? I’m assuming there will be an anual subscription? $350-$400 is a bit too much to pay for a GPS without constant updates. I paid $180 for my Garmin and except for campgrounds, it gives the same info as other GPS’s!

  18. Jim

    Before you buy, ask how long they will support maps for the device.

    Map support for my device was terminated one year after I got the device. Still works three years later but it is more and more confused by the road changes.

    This becomes more of a problem if you rely on the device for campground info.

  19. Jon Katin

    Bought one at the Redmond rally. Has loads of features, to include bluetooth links with cell phones (which we are still trying to use). It does not come with a users manual (not yet published??). Searched Magellan website and could not find the manual for the 9165t. Sent 2 e-mails to Magellan and they have been non-responsive. Frustrating.


    I have a Magellan 1700 GPS can I get the info installed on it thats on the 9165t model???

  21. Ellen Bruny

    How about a comparison of the Magellan Roadmate Pro 9165T and the Rand McNally RV GPS?

  22. Judy Schor

    Sounds like a product we would buy in an instant. I too would love to hear more feedback on it.

  23. DAvid Geoffrion

    who’s map data is used in the 9165? Navteq?

  24. Darryl Sobelman

    The Magellan Roadmate 9165T is available through Camping World at $359.99 if you are a President’s Club member.

    Rand McNally was first to come out with this model. A review on the Good Sam RV Open Forum was very negative! According to the poster, it sent them on roads NOT recommended for lengthy vehicles, and had them turning into a parking lot. Seems to work just like the others.

    Hopefully, the Magellan will operate better. Keep watching for more reviews on the various RV forums before spending $350 to $400.

  25. Steven Smith

    Where and when can I puchase one of these new 9165T GPS’S