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August 18, 2014

ActionLineJohn Moder of West Des Moines, Iowa wrote to Action Line:

I hope Action Line can help with an issue I’m having with Chrysler regarding a repair to my 2006 Jeep Liberty. The Liberty was taken in for a no-start problem, and the final diagnosis by Stew Hanson Dodge in West Des Moines was “water incursion in the wiring harness,” a $2,500 repair.

Today Nick from Chrysler Customer Assistance telephoned to inform me that there’s nothing Chrysler can do because of the mileage on the Liberty. This vehicle has been into five dealers in different parts of the country for the same problem, and we’ve had over $4,000 in repairs and related costs. I understand this vehicle is past the 36,000-mile warranty. However, I do think Chrysler should step up to the plate for some of the cost because I had to take it to five locations to be diagnosed properly, and I don’t think that a wiring harness “wears out” after five years (actually sooner, but we had to screw around for two years to find the problem).

Chrysler shouldn’t simply walk away from what’s clearly a manufacturing problem, based on the fact that there’s nothing an owner could do to prevent it.

Action Line: Good Sam member John Moder emailed the following note after Action Line intervened on his behalf:

It appears your contact with Chrysler has had some effect. Chrysler requested a copy of the last invoice, which I faxed, and said they’ll be sending a check for $1,187 to cover half the wiring-harness replacement cost. While not a perfect solution, it’s more than I had prior, and I do appreciate Action Line’s help in drawing attention to my case.

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