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rv purchaseRV Purchase Upsides

Are you weighing the cost of a new RV? In addition to saving all the costs you would otherwise incur from air travel and hotel stays, an RV rewards its owners in a number of ways that can’t always be measured by a calculator.

So, what are the lifestyle returns of owning an RV? Let’s look at some advantages.

  • The ability of being more exposed to the outdoors and nature. An escape from the digitally connected life of the urban home surroundings.
  • Far less expensive for families to stay longer at prime destinations.
  • Reduced meal costs with healthier home-cooked food.
  • Unlike hotel holidays, there is no limit to what you can pack and bring.
  • Having your own bed bug free sleeping quarters.
  • Indulging in one of the most enjoyable family hobbies, camping.
  • A pride of ownership.
  • A chance to meet people that share your passion for life.

Now, on the financial side, there is a big bright spot. Don’t add the entire price of the RV to your cost of ownership. Your hard costs are only equal to the current depreciation of the unit.  You still have a valuable resalable asset.

So, put that calculator away and pick up a vacation guide. There is no electronic device that can project your real cost of enjoying life. Start shopping for a new RV today.

Peter Mercer – With a Healthier Lifestyle

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  1. Peter Mercer

    Yes, many people feel that way. The investment side of an RV is in the RV lifestyle. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Anonymous

    I was talking to my brother the other day and he was telling me about his desire to buy a new RV. He has been thinking about an investment like this several times before but never committed. The way it was described, I think my brother would love having the pride of ownership that comes from having an RV.