There are probably as many reasons why people camp, as there are campers and tents. Some want to commune with nature and get away from it all. Others want to set up camp and just relax at the campground, maybe they’ll choose a campground with all the amenities so there’s always something to do. Then you’ve got the people who use their camper as a hotel on wheels, they’ll get to the campground, set up camp and then explore the surrounding area all day long. Then you’ve got the really lucky ones (just my opinion) that live in their camper and travel from place to place, wherever the road may lead them. I love when we get a chance to have someone like that for a “neighbor”, they’ve always got an interesting story or two to share.

We use our travel trailer for all types of travel. After staying in a hotel that we spent way too much money on, only to have black socks and a poor nights sleep, we really started to think about buying a camper. We lucked out when we found our Sunline and the adventure began.

Since we pay monthly for our camper, we want to get the most out of it. We’ve traveled to places we would have never thought about, simply because the campground looked interesting and hey, we’ve got a camper, lets go check that area out! Our trip to Georgia was a perfect example of that.

Then there’s my sister who lives a couple hours away. She’s got a large enough house to have us all stay for a visit, but I’m sure she was glad when we left. Now we just pack up the camper, head out to a nice campground out by her and we can have a nice visit, all take a break at night and feel good about spending more time together the next day. An added bonus we also get to sit around the campfire at night.

We also enjoy our long weekends to just go camping. We might go out for dinner, or spend a few hours sightseeing, but we’ll spend the bulk of our time, hanging out at the campground, letting the little ones play on the playground while Hubby and the big two go fishing. Those are nice weekends because we just get to visit and catch up on everything.

I think the most important part of camping is enjoying yourself. So whether you’re going to get back to nature or find some resort where you can spend your time going from one activity to the other, just have fun. If you’re not sure what campground will fit your needs try using the Good Sam Find-A-Campground feature.

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