Historic Tombstone

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June 30, 2009

Many places in the United States are full of the history that formed our country and, as Gary and Barb discovered, Tombstone in Arizona is one of those fascinating locations. Writing of their experiences in Tombstone on their journal, Gary and Barb’s Travels, the couple share in detail what they gleaned about the city’s past.

Back in the mid 1800’s, the name of the town was Goose Flats. Prospectors were common in those days, but no mines had yet been discovered and begun in this area. One prospector in particular who was working the Sonoran Desert was Ed Shieffelin. In speaking with another man in nearby Camp Huachuca, Ed was told that by continuing on into the vast desert to search for riches, the only thing he was likely find would be his own tombstone.

Disregarding this advice, Ed began prospecting in the area. In 1877, his hard work paid off as Ed found veins of silver. The mine that he opened was the very first silver mine that had ever been seen in the area.

Upon the opening of his silver mine, Ed decided to rename the city. Remembering his conversation with the bloke at Camp Huachuca about finding his own tombstone, Ed renamed Goose Flats “Tombstone”.

The town today provides a home for a whopping 100 people; giving it the slogan “a town too tough to die”. While the town may be, others were not so lucky. The famed gunfight at the OK Corral took place here in Tombstone, Arizona, with the end result being the death of three men.


Some of the Western world’s most famous names gained their notoriety in Tombstone, Arizona. Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday still roam the streets in this historic city, their likenesses depicted by impersonators for the tourist trade. Open to the public for viewing are Wyatt Earp’s home, the Courthouse and the Judge’s house. The Courthouse is now a museum and a State Park, and features an interesting sight: the original hangman’s gallows that was used in the days of the Old West.

Another popular sight in Tombstone is that of the World’s Largest Rose tree, which besides being immense in size is also of great age at 123 years old. Unlike many octogenarian items, it requires very little care, with watering and pruning only being performed on the massive bush.


Some of the most visited sights in Tombstone, Arizona are the tombstones for the gunmen killed at the gunfight at the OK Corral, which are located in the Boothill Graveyard; the jail in the Courthouse where many tourists such as Gary and Barb enjoy having their pictures snapped; and watching the Wild West Show.


Visitors are not limited to the city of Tombstone for interesting sights to see. Nearby, in the city of Tucson, the San Xavier Mission offers breathtakingly beautiful art and captivating history to its viewers.

When traveling through the Sonoran Desert, a stop at historic Tombstone, Arizona with its history and Old West fame is a must see for anyone.

Dan Parlow
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  540. There is no charge for visiting the graveyard at Boothill. The best saloon in Tombstone is Crystal Palace. It is the original barback and the lights are original from the 1800’s as well. The food selection at the crystal is suburb. Steaks,Fish,ribs. The wait staff are in period costume. The game tables are hung on the wall and are the original ones that they played in the day. They have live music on the weekends. The bar runs the entire left side of the establishment. The best visit is only complete after you visit the Bird Cage Theatre. It is left in the original state when the occupants walked out of it 120 years ago. The gunshot holes are everywhere and the narration is wonderful as you enter. We are very proud of our city and appreciate all whom come to visit. Thank you so much!

  541. Fred

    I’ve have enjoyed Tombstone several times and have watched it become modernized and commercialized . I believe that, like Meteor Crator, which I’ve also visited over the years, Boothill Graveyard is privately owned and there is a charge for entry. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, I recall there was no entry fee.

    Boothill was used from 1879-1884 until it was full. Since then, the town has had a separate community cemetery for its citizens. Unused, Boothill became badly deteriorated, but was restored in the 1940s to represent its historical significance.

  542. Rick

    We visited last winter while staying in Tucson at Voyager. It was a fun day trip but I would say the highlight was a visit to Big Nose Kate’s saloon. She was Doc Holidays squeeze when he was in town and anybody elses when he wasn’t. The help there are in period dress and real friendly and will pose for a picture on request so don’t be shy. Check out the drink menu while you are there. Something for everyone who can or wish they could.

  543. I really enjoyed your article about Tombstone. Thank you, I reside in this unique city, We are 1500 people strong that reside here. When I saw the whopping 100 people I was a bit surprised. We are an unusual bunch. Not many people can say they live in and on a historic site. Thanks again for visitng and passing it on to others. We greatly appreciate it. Angie