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January 31, 2012

Early Spring Highways magazineWe’re kicking 2012 off with a NEW edition of your favorite RV magazine – Highways! This edition is packed with excitement from cover to cover, complete with your favorites such as Tech Topics and Chapter Chat and also includes important Good Sam news beneficial for all members. The Club’s recent announcement about the combination of the former President’s Club and the Good Sam Club and the new, money-saving benefits available to all members is broken down to give you even more details on just how you can take advantage of these great new features and in turn, getting the most value from your membership. Additionally, the new Highways provides you with a thrilling guide to the natural wonders of the 49th state, Alaska, and it also highlights the exhilaration that is scheduled to take place in other states for the three 2012 Rallies! As if this weren’t enough, the excitement of this edition climaxes with the announcement of this year’s RVer of the Year (drum roll, please)! So what are you waiting for?

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Highlighted Articles:

Growing Benefits

RVers of the Year

Wild Alaska

The Rally Startup

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  1. Don – thank you for your interest in this app. We hope to be able to provide the Good Sam app at some point in 2013. The great news is Trailer Life Directory already has produced the RV Park Finder app that shows Good Sam RV Park locations that can be utilized in the meantime. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  2. Don Curtis

    What ever happened to the Android Good Sam app that was due by December?

  3. Roger Eastman

    I just tried to download archived copies and no matter what issue I requested the same on was downloaded so it doesn’t work.

    Good Sam says:
    Roger, we apologize for this inconvenience. This issue has now been corrected. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member.

  4. Roger Eastman

    The whole issue with the digital Highways magazine is a poor reflection on Good Sam. The problem Ed Borland described is probably due to the fact they PDF file are huge (45 MB is not needed). The whole concept of the pdf is to provide a smaller file for electronic transmission. The files need to be optimized. A computer screen can only display 72dpi so there is no reason to load up the file with high resolution pictures. If you go back to pre May 2011 and look at the archived files that worked you will find a solution. This is not the first time I have brought up the problem and a suggested solution to no avail. I think we the members have really lost with the new management’s approach. They don’t seem to care about the people who pay their salaries. Get the webmaster to get it right.

  5. Edward Boland

    Your new online issue will not load, it tries but don’t go past 98%. Click on it several times and waited up to 10 minutes.