Full-Time RVing

Full-time RVing means living 24/7 in a recreational vehicle. When someone first becomes a full time RVer, it is a big life change.  Most feel freer than they have ever experienced before.  Free to travel anywhere with far less responsibilities and no household bills to worry about.  Some choose to roam the country freely.  Their mail is forwarded to predetermined locations.  However, with e-mail and on-line bill payments, there is less mail to worry about.

Nearly all full-timers eventually settle on a home camp location, sometimes two locations, a winter spot and the other for the summer.  Some even purchase an RV site at their favorite location.  This may provide a reduced cost of monthly site expenses and also allow for some year round storage.

Storage is a big issue for RV full-timers.  If you buy outdoor furniture, you need to figure how you are going to carry or store it when you get back on the road.  You have two things to deal with: volume to store, and weight to remain within legal limits.  Many times the answer to these issues is a local storage rental to secure the items until they return.

Quite a few full-timers move about and become work campers.  These are people hired to help campgrounds and RV resorts with various daily chores.  The pay ranges from getting a free serviced site, or part thereof, to actually receiving a paycheck.  The work is part-time and is offered only on a per-season basis.  This can help reduce the full timer’s monthly expenses and thereby help subsidize their lifestyle.

The tenure of these seemingly carefree folks is generally a maximum of ten years or so, after which many settle back into a normal home.  The location of the home many times is near their previously selected home base camp. This may be due to already being familiar with the area and some existing circle of friends.

Full-timing is not what it was decades ago.  Today, many full time rigs are outfitted with such amenities as multiple TV’s, satellite TV service, dishwashers, heated floors, residential refrigerators, hydronic heat, instant continuous hot water, multi-air conditioners, and much, much more. To many of these rare breeds, today is just another day in paradise.  Enjoy.

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