by Chris Guld
If you’ve tried making custom Google maps in the past and got discouraged with the clunky way you had to draw your route lines …  You need to try again!  Google is continuously adding features to their web-based products and Google Maps has been the recipient of several in the last few months.  Watch the video below to see what I mean.  You now have 2 new ways to draw lines, 1) draw along roads and, 2) Save directions as a line.

To see some examples of how you might want to use custom maps, take a look at this blog by our friends, the Gundys.  In the sidebar they’ve mapped their journey to Alaska this summer, as well as a past trip to the Southwest.  Other friends, ‘Diandy’ used the route drawing capabilities to show a one-day trip they took. We use a map on our website to show our Rally schedule and current location.

If you like sharing your travels – Google Maps is an excellent tool to learn.

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