Getting and Staying Organized – Part 3 – Bernice’s Tips

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September 10, 2008

Life is always sweeter when stress levels are low. And organization can play a large role in minimizing the stress felt when you can’t find something you need, or when clutter distracts you from completing your task list. In this third part of my series, I’m including some final tips to help alleviate these issues.

  • Standing or storing items such as books, magazines and file folders on end takes less surface space that laying them flat and makes them easier to find.
  • Store items near their point of first use. For example, store plates and dishes above the dinette table, and store sunglasses in a drawer near the driver’s and passenger’s seats.
  • Make a list (or copy) of the credit or debit cards you’re taking along and the telephone numbers you need to call if they’re lost or stolen. Try to limit the number of cards you take with you.
  • Prepare your itinerary with phone numbers, dates, and places so your family and friends will know how to reach you if necessary. It also helps you feel in touch when you are far away on the road knowing that they have some idea of where you are.
  • A plastic garbage bag in the tow vehicle or in a compartment under the RV will keep soiled laundry out of the way until you’re ready for it.
  • When you’re doing laundry in campground facilities, and you return to the RV between loads, use the timer on your microwave to remind you when the load will be finished.

With just a little forethought and organization, you can minimize your stress and spend more time enjoying your RV lifestyle.

Bernice Beard

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