Getting and Staying Organized – Part 2 – Bernice's Tips

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September 3, 2008

Today I continue with tips to help get and keep you organized while on the road.

  • Make the bed every day. An unmade bed is often visible in the rest of the RV and casts a disorganized mood over the whole interior. If the bed is made, the entire RV looks better even if dishes are piled in the sink, magazines and newspapers are strewn on the couch, and the table has things piled on it.
  • When you begin a task, try to complete it before moving on to something else.
  • When on a trip and you think of ideas for the RV, make a To Do list. Keep a running list of items you need to purchase so that when you have the opportunity, you know what to buy.
  • If you’re traveling and you want to remember to do something at the campground, write the task on a sticky note and stick the reminder on the door frame at the entry to your vehicle. You will see it as you go in or out of the vehicle.
  • Another way of remembering something is to put an object out of its usual place. For example, placing a nearby box of tissues on the floor can be a reminder to buy some milk when you get to the campground.
  • In a single bag or backpack-separate from the other toys and games-keep the items that your children use to entertain themselves while traveling. That way, you can easily move their special travel items from your RV to the tow car and back again.
  • Put items away when you are finished using them. It’s a simple rule but one that’s easy to procrastinate about. Things that are not put away keep getting in your way, so  you save time, energy, and frustration by putting items away in the first place.
  • Never put something (especially a heavy or bulky item) on top of something else unless you want to move it in order to get to what’s underneath! Whenever I “temporarily” put an object on top of another, I need the object underneath-it never fails.

Stay tuned next week for Part III when I discuss storage of books, dishes, and the organization and security of your personal information.

Enjoy RVing!


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