Furnace Creek at Death Valley National Park in CA

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June 11, 2009

For travelers Ron and Jane, Death Valley National Park is a destination that everyone would be able to enjoy. In their travel journal, Ron & Jane 2007-08-09, they describe their favorite spots here, which include Furnace Creek.

Furnace Creek is a village in the center of the beautiful Death Valley National Park. Accommodating travelers that visit the National Park with the Furnace Creek Ranch, Furnace Creek Inn and several campgrounds, Furnace Creek is also the location of one of the Park’s Visitor Centers as well as a museum.

For a taste of the area’s history, visitors can browse amongst actual pieces of machinery that were used years ago in the local borax mines. The Borax Museum can be found at the Furnace Creek Ranch.

The name Furnace Creek just might be attributed to the fact that the highest North American temperature reading was recorded here; 134 degrees in the year 1913. This temperature almost rivals the world high temperature which was documented as 136 degrees in 1922, occurring in Libya.

Furnace Creek is also just a short trip away from some of the best attractions in Death Valley National Park. The Badwater Salt Flats used to be a salty lake which blanketed Death Valley long, long ago. The incredibly salty water, around three times saltier than sea water, is credited with the moniker “Badwater”; so named when a thirsty mule refused to partake of the water. While the area will still fill with water after a hard rain, the evaporation rate in the area is 150 inches per year meaning that it is usually dry. The area also claims fame to being the lowest point in North America; 282 feet below sea level.

Another nearby must see is the beautiful 9 mile stretch in Death Valley National Park called Artist Drive Loop and Artists Palette showcases the natural wonder of the park. Called the “Palette” because of the rich colors created through years of volcanic activity, this roadway through the Amargosa Mountains features hues of green, red, pink, purple and yellow.

Statuesque figures entirely composed of salt offer tourists an eerie sight at the Devil’s Golf Course. The fragile formations were created through erosion with water and wind alike. Because of the slightly higher elevation of the Devil’s Golf Course as compared to the Badwater Salt Flats, water does not pool in this area, allowing the salt crystals to accumulate. It is reported that the salt extends down approximately two miles into the earth’s surface.

One of the most popular spots in Death Valley is Zabriskie Point. A hike for the hearty, the visitor is rewarded at the top with a spectacular view of the salt floor, gullies created by rain washing through the hills and incredible, striking geological formations.

Travelers visiting Death Valley National Park will find the area called Furnace Creek to be a true gem. The area is complete with beauty, mystique, adventure and history; definitely a destination that provides a point of interest for anyone visiting the area.

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  5. Rick

    Made a couple trips this past winter in the valley while staying in Pahrump. Enjoyed playing golf at Furnace Creek, the lowest course on the planet. Dauntes Peak was nice and enjoyed Scotty’s Castle. Great place to visit.

  6. guthriez

    We’re Canadians too and don’t have any trouble with the videos so sorry, don’t know why you are.

  7. Gary Howard

    We are Canadians and I have always enjoyed the blogs but lately the videos won’t open for me
    anyone know why?

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