The Monthly Mystery Challenge for June Update: June 19th Solved

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June 11, 2009

mysteryjune7The Mystery Camper is at it again!  This time you not only have to guess where he is, but what make, model and approximate year his coach is.

The Mystery Camper has once again found another beautiful RV park somewhere in North America.  June’s Monthly Mystery Challenge will be to figure out where he is now and to figure out what rig he has.  Name the place, the name of the RV park and the make, model and year of his rig.  View the photos that the Mystery Camper took.




To aid you, we will add clues every day or so if required.

Clue 1:  The first letter in the city’s name is displayed high on the mountain.

Clue 2: This is one of five properties operated by this RV resort group.

Clue 3: City named after one of two explorers.

Clue 4: The Gateway to Hell’s Canyon.

Dennis gets the bragging rights for correctly solving both the location, Premire RV Resorts, Granite Lake, Clarkston, Washington.  He also guessed the correct motor home, 2009 Monaco Camelot.  Good going Dennis.

So, let’s hear your guess.  This one may very well be the toughest yet.  Post your solution in the comments section below.

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  2. Way to go Dennis, I’ve been searching for days on this one and the best I could do was the “C” on the mountain! lol Kudos to you!

  3. Dennis, You get the gold in bragging rights. You have most definately solved the name that location. And yes, Clarkston is in Washington, just accross the bridge from Lewiston Idaho. Clarkston and Lewiston were named after Lewis and Clark. They camped there during their cross country journey.
    You are also correct on the name that RV. It is a 2009 Monaco Camelot. You are good!!!!
    Thanks for your hard work in solving the June Mystery Challenge.

  4. Dennis

    Well,, duh!!!! Don’t know Idaho from Washington……..sorry about that.. what threw me off was, I thought it was a lake in the picture instead of the Snake River. Do I get a silver lug nut????

  5. Dennis

    OK,,, the answer is 2008 or 09 Monaco Camelot and the RV park is a Premier RV Resort Park in Clarkston, Idaho, named….. drum roll please……Granite Lake…
    Here’s the link……Dennis

  6. Digby

    Coeur d’Alene???????????? or maybe just Grandma’s Grove. As far as the coach, all I know is that it isn’t mine.

  7. Lloyd

    Well I can tell by the mountains that its not here in Louisiana.

  8. Dennis

    The coach is for sure a Monaco Camelot. 2008 or 09. I am working on the campground…….Dennis

  9. Drew

    It’s an ’08 Monaco Ambassador, or maybe the next higher marque in the line. My first guess might be Pahrump, but there’s some green on the hills in back…..Maybe Morgan Hill, Ca…San Martin, Casa de Fruita? Oh well, I”m stumped!

  10. Lug_Nut

    Hi Art, Well, seeing you asked a somewhat strange question, that is “What are the poles”, prehaps that can be solved. They appear to be poles supporting netting to the top as used at many golf driving ranges.. Thanks for your input.

  11. Art

    Well ya got me stumped. The hills look something like Northern California?????? What are those poles?
    The headlights of the mystery RV sort of look like the ones on my Monaco??????