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May 11, 2010

Ann Emerson, Vice President of AGS, recently sent us this exciting opportunity for RVers. If you are looking for a way to earn money while on the road this may just be the adventure for you!

250x250_AGS_FinalAGS, an Affinity company, is looking for highly motivated full-time RVing couples who want to earn an income while traveling in their RV. AGS has been the leader in the Guest Services Guide (site map) industry for almost 25 years, offering quality service and products to the RV Park and Campground industry – and we are growing! As a result, we have a number of customers waiting to work with a professional sales team from our company so we are looking for Independent Contractors to sell local print and internet advertising to this established customer base.

As an AGS Rep Team, you will earn commission while enjoying complimentary camping throughout the country while working. In addition, you will have the full support of our professional Home Office team members, ensuring your success. If you love variety, have sales and computer skills and are looking for a new “career” while full-timing, we’d love to hear from you.

Learn more about being an AGS Rep Team by visiting where you can fill out an application. What are you waiting for? Find success as an AGS Rep Team today!

Ann Emerson
Vice President, AGS

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  3. Geoffrey Pruett

    This is a real gray area for a blog! A box to list job oportunities for full timers is most likely in order, but this smacks of hidden commisions!

  4. Ty Deater

    I agree with Dan. My family and I are seriously thinking about taking the plunge into full-timing and having an opportunity to camp and make money appeals to my wife and I. We we’re gravitating towards workcamping but this may be another avenue to follow. So having a company sell this oportunity on this website should be considered a service to it’s readers, in my opinion.

  5. Dan Rambow

    I think the subject of this was very clear. Opportunity for work on the road for Affinity. I was interested in what they were offering, so I clicked and looked.

    I’m not in a position yet, to look for work on the road, but will someday. So I appreciate this sort of posting, as long as it is clear that it is a sales pitch up front. Then all will have to choice to click on it, or not.

    No one is being trapped into looking at ads.

  6. D.H. Schlagel

    Agree with previous responder Dennis….

    Don’t like these sort of things on your website….Cut it out as this is just so much hooey and hype.

    I look forward to reading info regarding camping and equipment without the promotional garbage.

  7. Dennis S

    I dont mind reading your pithy ad that I had to click to in the first place but then you and you illustrious crew put another ad infront of your own…..sooooo why shoud I the customer even read your ad now that all your trying to do is get me… with ad on ad on ad… I hope you respond to me directly ya know one on one …. face to face…. not the garbage you IDIOTS…. Show me you ad only or youll never see me again or all my friends.