Destinations & Sightseeing – Part 1 – Bernice’s Tips

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October 22, 2008

Genealogy, rock hounding, race cars, nature, sightseeing—every RVer has a passion for something that takes him or her on the road. The destinations are many. Here are some terrific suggestions that will make pursuing your passions more pleasurable.

  • Motorhoming genealogists know that their mobility affords them unique opportunities for family tree research. They can plan trips to research areas, taking photos of ancestral homesteads and church sites and cemetery tombstones, and gather “obits” and other pieces of family history from the pages of local newspapers. Contact local genealogical societies in your area and let them know your routes and destinations. You may find members, unable to travel themselves, who will pay you to act as a researcher/photographer for their family tree needs. Plan your trips so you arrive on a day when civic offices are open—not weekends. – Bruce Allsen, Moreno Valley, CA
  • Before photographing an old gravestone, wet it with water so the lettering will show up better.
  • When planning a trip, leave some free time to see whatever museums or other places that interest you as you go along.
  • Be alert for unusual wildlife, flowers, and scenic beauty. Enjoy nature—touch it, feel it, smell it, listen to it, and look at it.
  • To see the Grand Tetons at their best on the eastern side, approach them from the north.
  • The most dramatic way to see Sedona and the red rocks is to approach from the north. (From Flagstaff, take Exit 337 off I-17, turn left at the stop sign, and follow the signs to Route 89A. Turn left again to Sedona on 89A South. Travel 23 miles to Sedona on a two-lane, paved road through a forest of mostly pine trees. Descend a winding road along mountain rocky walls.)

Next week in part 2 of Destinations and Sightseeing, I’ll pass along a couple of tips related to maps, coping with altitude sickness, plus more.

Bernice Beard

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  2. “Be alert for unusual wildlife, flowers, and scenic beauty. Enjoy nature—touch it, feel it, smell it, listen to it, and look at it.” I might add share it with your loved ones.

    Dad was a medium-distance truck driver during most of my youth. I guess I got my yondering ways from him. Almost every weekend he would pile mom and all 5 of us kids into the car (2 bench seats, no seatbelts) and take us to see something in nature he’d seen during the week.

  3. Dick

    When traveling/sightseeing through Yellowstone Nat. Park, or any “loop” scenic tour area, reverse your direction and enjoy a whole new view.

  4. Bob

    Sedona from 179 west of I-17 is a great view. A really great view is from the Sedona airport.