Designer saves RVers from global warming

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April 11, 2010


By Bob Difley

I feel safer now that a designer has come up with the vehicle that will save us RVers from global warming, a food shortage, escalating fuel prices, peak oil, brownouts from overstressed power suppliers, and expensive campgrounds–not necessarily in that order.

Designer Mario Pitsch has introduced a futuristic creation on The Design Blog, the Nomad RV, whose mission is to help us cope with the coming post-apocalyptic world, roaming the earth as nomads bent on survival as our pre-historic ancestors once did–minus the RV, of course.

The Nomad RV includes its own system for growing food, captures moisture, mist, and fog to produce water from the air for drinking and other uses, and creates electricity from integrated solar panels. It also includes a greenhouse with algae reactor and will accommodate a family of four.

nomad_RVBut don’t reach for your American Express card just yet, no manufacturers have stepped forward to produce the design.  However, when it does become available, be sure to have a copy of my eBook on hand, BOONDOCKING: Finding the Perfect Campsite on America’s Public Lands.

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  2. Zombie proof? Why didn’t I think of that?
    Ron – And can the mist collectors also be used as sails for power assist?
    Allison – I’ll check with Mel the next time I see him.
    Ken – Nobody is loonie enough to think like you. But, for boondocking near Palm Springs, try Mecca Canyon east of Thermal, or up SR247 north of Joshua Tree. Nothing I know of closer. There is also dry camping in Joshua Tree NP.
    Don – You burn the tires to cook your road kill.
    Jim – I wonder if the Nomad floats.
    David – You mean you don’t have a steam engineers license?
    Judy – I’ll be sure to be on the alert if we meet in an area of abundant stones.
    See how much fun RVing is, especially with all you “out there” folks that read my blogs. Thanks for all the comments. It is what makes bloggingg fun, even if I do get serious occasionally.

  3. Judy

    Talk about living in a glass house, no one should throw stones with this rig.

  4. David Rohlader

    I was halfway through a design to convert a GMC motorhome of the 70’s to steam power, using the Stanley Steamer engine and boiler, properly sized, of course, when I learned that in order to operate it I had to have a second class steam engineers license. Bummer. I wonder if the roof is large enough for solar panels, hmmm.

  5. Jim G

    Just remember that thisand all other RVs will not be available for purchase after December 21, 2012, the End of Days if you believe the Mayan Calendar

  6. Don Turner

    What about all the tires that will have to be re-cycled?

  7. Wow, someone who thinks like me, except I don’t think we’re going to come down to any apocalyptic type of event, rather we’ll tire of civilization and do it voluntarily.

    Any good boondocking near Palm Springs?

  8. Allison

    Does it come equipped with a Mad Max era Mel Gibson? Cuz I am so there….

  9. Ron Butler

    Love it and your tie-in to your book!! Good job! I think the designer has been working for NASA, isn’t that what the new lunar rover looks like?!?

  10. Lee

    Sounds great – you forgot to mention what powers it.

    But is it Zombie Proof?
    Made of bullet proof glass?
    All wheel drive with off-road capabilities?
    Hydrogen powered?

    Add those options and I’m first in line for one.