You’re not a real traveler if you don’t like maps! I’ve been staring at maps and dreaming about places all over the world since I was a little kid. My favorite Christmas present was a world atlas. There’s no better ‘wish book’ than an Atlas!

I still like to look at maps and dream, but now I also like maps to show where I’ve been! I love sharing my travels and, what better way than to show your travels on a computer map and let your viewers click on points for more information.

That’s exactly what Google Maps lets you do with it’s ‘My Maps’ feature. Here is a map of our 2008 travels. You can use the zoom in and zoom out tools, or you can click on any marker, or route line to see more detail – maybe a picture or a link to a blog post.

View Larger Map

You can click on any line or marker and get more information. If you click on the ‘View Larger Map’ you’ll go directly to Google maps and you’ll see all the detail along the left of the screen. If you start with the firs link at the left, Quartzsite, and click on it – you can follow our travels day by day. Click on each link in turn and you’ll see some pictures and some links. At the very least you’ll see some text describing either the travel line, or the marker for a stopping place.

Making your own custom map is so much fun. See how to create the lines on your custom map by watching this video:

Tutorial Video on Custom Google Maps

For more ‘Show Me How’ videos, see

Chris Guld

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  24. Hi Chris,
    Loved the idea of the Google map that combines traveling map with information.
    Still have some questions as how to share, add pictures and so on..
    Can you contact me please
    [email protected]