Christmas 2013

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December 22, 2013

Christmas time….

mittensYesterday as I was thinking at what I should write for my post this close to Christmas I was wondering what to write about.   I had no clue what I could write. The snow was falling like crazy outside, my oldest son went three (or was it four?) times to shovel during the dayVing is not on our mind much when snow is surrounding us.  Though we do dream of place we would like to go.

So as I was thinking of Christmas, decorated trees and making the almond bars that my family loves so much, I was pondering of my options.    And then it dawned on me.   How do RVers celebrate Christmas?   Do they have a Christmas tree? Can you find a nativity  scene in their RV?   Do they decorate with Christmas lights?   And finally, if I was on the road with my family how will I make the Christmas time special?

Last week, the kids decorated som197314027393658746_CdWNVpMH_ce gingerbread buildings and a tree.  Last year, I stumbled on some interesting Gingerbread creations.  While my kids were icing, putting candies and decorating the gingerbread creations I kept thinking of the one I had seen last year – an RV.   It was the cutest thing I had ever seen and  I thought it was very original and out of the ordinary.  What do you think?

What will I do if I was somewhere else with our RV – somewhere with no snow that is?   Would. I put some Christmas lights on the awning?  Probably.    I would more than likely get a tiny Christmas tree and find a small nativity scene to decorate a bit.   But I think I would do a Jesse Tree during advent with the kids by putting a tree on paper and adding the various drawing during advent.   And maybe I would read an advent story with them.   But what  I find more important is to spend quality time with my family no matter where we are.

As I write this, I know that my RV is currently covered with snow – sleeping until the next season for us.    I wish I could drive to snap a picture of it under the white blanket but it isn’t possible.

What about you?  How do you celebrate Christmas while RVing?  Do you decorate?   If so, what do you do to cheer your RV with some Christmas spirit?  What do you do to make Christmas special while on the road?

From our family (in snowy Canada) to yours (wherever you are…)


Christmas 2013

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