Good Sam to Star on the NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice"

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February 27, 2012

Watch Good Sam Roadside Assistance on NBC's Celebrity ApprenticeGood Sam to hit the big time this April! As recently announced, the Good Sam brand will appear on the big screen in the fifth installment of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” featuring host Donald J. Trump.

On the reality show, the contestants compete for strategic position, with large payoffs which are rewarded in the form of sizable donations to their designated charities. The winner of each series of “The Celebrity Apprentice” receives a $250,000 bonus check to donate to his or her favorite philanthropy.

Charity work and giving back to others is nothing new to the Good Sam brand as noted by Chairman and CEO of Good Sam, Marcus Lemonis. “Both Good Sam and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ have a similar focus on charitable works and Good Sam is focused on providing customer assistance in a multitude of channels. Look forward to seeing Good Sam reveal a new image to the audience.”

So support the Good Sam brand by tuning in to watch Good Sam on the big screen, Sunday, April 29 on NBC at 9/8 Central. The featured episode will include footage of Good Sam CEO Marcus Lemonis and will highlight some of the many benefits and services Good Sam provides to the community.

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  1. I agree with the person/s above, I tryed to get the flying j fuel card. After jumping thru some
    hoops, and finding they wanted my ss number, I dropped that idea as a bad one. Make it
    simpler for these things. been a life member for many years, and i do get discount camping at some places, and a magazine. Can,t see much else that helps me tho. Just saying.

    Good Sam says: In order to extend the credit, Pilot Flying J must capture your social security number (or SIN for Canadians). If you’re uncomfortable with entering your social security number into the online application form, you can call 1-855-4RVPlus (855 478 7587) and apply over the phone for the RV Plus Card.

  2. brad schiller

    I see the signs Camping world the lowest prices on RV’s
    but what I see after looking at RV trader is that a lot other dealers are more economical by about 5-10 thousand dollars than Camping world. Camping world needs to look at the Market prices and adjust as the units are jut as good and clean as the ones I have looked CW
    Before I be come a life member I would like to see some changes
    and the PROPER info on the RV’s info page as most of the brochures are for a newer year RV than whatis listed .
    Winnebago has abrochure arcive site that the proper brochure can be loaded to that year RV

  3. We’ll be happy to provide some additional info in regards to our being featured on the Celebrity Apprentice. While all of us in the RV lifestyle are very aware of the brand and cause of the Good Sam Club, our hope is that this opportunity to be featured on national television will give exposure to the brand and help make the Good Sam Club mission and statement a household name and idea. This will in turn create excitement around the camping lifestyle and hopefully will spread the Good Samaritan attitude throughout. Hope this helps to clarify.

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for some info. If you can, clarify how you plan on using the show to further the club and its cause. Also, If this is the case, and GS, its members and affiliates benefit from somtheing like this, then in the future you might want to add an explanation including your intensions and goal to the beginning of the publishing for our information which may decrease the amount of negative criticism.

  5. We understand that not everyone likes this specific television show. The decision to be included in this show was made only with the intentions of furthering the club and cause that Good Sam stands for, so that it may continue for many generations to come. We hope this helps to clarify.

  6. Jeff

    Recently retired, or should I say re-classified in my terms. I have always been pretty conservative and try to make decent sound financial decisions. I too like many others here have enjoyed the “Good Sam Club” for my magazine, information, tech tips etc. and have been a Life Member for almost ten years. The list of nice things and helpful information goes on and on. Not to mention the multitude of wonderful individuals that are memebrs of the world wide traveling and camping families. This all said, lets keep the “BACK TO BASICS” approach we are all used to. The Charitable Contrabutions are a wonderful thing, but again, I agree with the others, let one of the networks pay us, GS club for their time and match our donations to our favorite charities. Marcus, please reconsider this move and at the least, DON’T DO IT AGAIN! ! !

  7. George Gunderson

    Boy, after reading all the comments to the TV appearence. I think Good Sam better start rethinking their actions. The PR staff better start using a little more “common sence” and less “college sense.”
    You’re asking people to buy fuel, charge it to a card account, in which they will be billed for. Even though there isn’t interest charged ( just a perk). Definition: CREDIT CARD !!!

  8. I agree with Lynn Henderson about the Good Sam fuel “credit card” and needing your social insurance number. Should not be needed for this fuel card???? Re think this Good Sam please! March 12,2012

    Good Sam says: Rita – we understand that you wish to not provide your social security number. This is a requirement of Pilot Flying J, not a requirement of Good Sam. We understand that some may wish to not take advantage of this new benefit. For those who wish to apply for this charge card, we can assure you that your information will remain private and that Good Sam will have no visibility of this private information. We hope this helps to clarify.

  9. Dick B.


    This is a sad statement by the GOOD SAM is pairing up with one of the most MINDLESS shows to waste the airways.

    To Gary Thompson, don’t let this one moronic move make up your mind about what was and still can be a great organization.

    To GOOD SAM, this was a mistake. As a LIFE MEMBER, please, don’t do it again.

  10. anne

    Geez, do we even have to have politics here? And don’t tell me what tv program to watch.

  11. Lynn Henderson

    I am so disappointed in Good Sam right now, I wouldn’t watch this episode if you paid me. My husband and I have been Good Sam lifetime members since the early 1980’s. Good Sam now has a program for discounted fuel for it’s members. The only way to get this discount on fuel is to sign up for their Credit Card (which they say is not a credit card). Even a seasoned Good Sam life member has to sign up for this card to get the benifits of cheaper fuel. We tried to sign up for this card online like suggested in our email from Good Sam but it asked for our Social Security number which as a Canadian we don’t have but have the equivalent Social Insurance number. As Canadians we don’t give this number out unless it’s for government business or a financial institution as needed. So we called Good Sam and was told they needed this number to activate our card. Why we asked, we were told this was not a credit card so why would you need our SIN number. The argument went around and around and Good Sam still said the card was not a credit card, but a card that you could charge your fuel on, but it has to be paid off each month, EXCUSE me, but isn’t that a CREDIT CARD???????? But the good thing we were told was “there is no interest charged”, so therefore it’s not a CREDIT CARD !!!!! We used to get discounted fuel by showing our Good Sam card, but no longer unless we sign up for their card. Thank you Good Sam you haven’t done me or any other lifetime member any favours. Why be a lifetime member? What’s the benifit?

  12. Carol

    NO THANKS !!! I have to agree with Gary & Dick.

  13. Derrol Hammer

    When did television become the “big screen” – did I miss something? Even a large screen TV does not compare to the movie theater big screen!

    It’s good that there is a $250,000 donation to a charity; but really? If CBS’s Survivor can give $1million to its winner you’d think maybe ABC could do the same for the charity. How about Good Sam matching the pot in exchange for its exposure?

  14. Gary Thompson

    Thanks, You just help me makeup my mind not to renew my membership by supporting egotistical idiot like trump!!!

    Good Sam says: We’re sorry that you feel this way. The decision to include Good Sam on this TV series was only with the intentions of furthering the club and cause that Good Sam stands for, so that it may continue for many generations to come.