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July 19, 2018

Boulder Creek RV Resort

Come explore the other side of California from our beautiful year round resort. The Eastern Sierra’s are home to some of the most beautiful and interesting locations in the world. From the highest peak in the continuous 48 states, Mt. Whitney, to the lowest elevation, Death Valley. You will find scenic movie sets of the old west, such as Lone Ranger canyon and most recently Django-Unchained. We’ve got a little something for everyone.

Whether you want to ride your ATVs through the endless desert, hike through the back country to pristine alpine lakes, tour the Alabama Hills rock formations, or just escape the city and find some small town charm, Boulder Creek RV Resort is the perfect home base for your RV.  Don’t miss the Civil War Era, Manzanar Camp, during your stay at the Boulder Creek RV Resort. We are conveniently located just south of Lone Pine, CA.


The town of Lone Pine was named after the lonely pine tree that was found at the mouth of Lone Pine Canyon. Unfortunately, that lone pine tree has long been gone, having been destroyed during a flood.

In the 1870’s Lone Pine was a quiet but very active supply town, furnishing goods and services to the gold and silver mining communities of Kearsarge, Cerro Gordo (which is now a ghost town), Darwin and then later to ranchers and farmers. After the pioneers crossed Death Valley in 1849, they finally settled here in the Owens Valley. Death Valley which has the lowest elevation in the America’s at 282 feet BELOW sea level is just 100 miles from the highest elevation in the contiguous 48 states, Mt. Whitney at 14,508 feet. Both are accessible from Boulder Creek RV Resort along with many other activity options for everyone, young and seasoned, alike.

Boulder Creek RV Resort - Mt Whitney


In recent years Lone Pine became home to The Museum of Western Film History.   This museum has an extensive collection of real movie costumes, movie cars, props, posters, and other memorabilia. This collection tells the story of filming in the area in and around Lone Pine from the early days of the Round Up to the modern blockbusters of today such as Iron Man and Django-Unchained.  The Sci-Fi films, Tremors & Star Trek were also filmed her. In the museum will see memorabilia from, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans and Hopalong Cassidy to name a few.

This area is very popular with movie location film buffs, rock climbers, mountain bikers, and photographers.

Take the Self-Guided Tour of Movie Road and get a first-hand look at real shooting locations of great many motion pictures filmed in the beautiful Alabama Hills.  These hills have been used for many foreign “look alike” locations such as China and Afghanistan.  If you have seen an automobile commercial set in a desert scene, it was most likely filmed right here in our backyard. Located just a short drive from Boulder Creek RV Resort, the Alabama Hills are one of the most unique rock formations in the world.

The hills were named after a Confederate ship that was sunk by the Union Navy during the Civil War. The hills sprawl over miles and miles of desert and contain countless trails, roads, film locations, and breathe taking vistas. The easiest way to access the Alabama Hills from Boulder Creek RV Resort is to take a left towards the Sierras at the traffic light in Lone Pine and then turn off on Movie Flat Road. Maps of the area are available at the Inter-agency Visitor’s Center or at the front office of Boulder Creek RV Resort.

**The Alabama Hills is also the location of the Annual “Concert in the Rocks”. A can’t miss event held the first weekend in June. Get your tickets early for this first class, great time, “Sit down dinner and Entertainment” under the stars.

Boulder Creek RV Resort - Concert in the Rocks

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