Bluebonnet Ridge – the RV Park with the Friendly Personality

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October 17, 2016

Aerial View of Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park & Cottages

Have you ever thought about an RV park having a “personality”? I submit to you that most parks have a personality, be it a good or not so good one. Gerrie and I didn’t think about it until a few years ago, when we were discussing some of the parks we had stayed in and what we experienced when we were there.

What is a park’s “personality”?

The dictionary defines the word personality as, “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.” This definition can also be applied to an RV park. Every park is different, as each park’s characteristics and qualities are different. Some of the differences include location, amenities, the type of camper they try to attract. The management style and attitude of the owners and/or managers, the attitude of the staff in the park toward each other and campers, cleanliness of the park, the way the grounds and sites look, and more.

When Gerrie and I talk about different parks, we use general descriptions about the friendliness of the staff and other campers. The cleanliness of the facilities, how safe we feel, how well maintained the facilities, grounds, and sites are, etc. My guess is you may use many of the same terms in your discussions. All of these add up to the personality of the park. Is it inviting, with happy and friendly campers? Do the campers do things together through park sponsored activities and (I think more importantly) organizing activities themselves? Are there impromptu activities that the campers initiate? If the park has a combination of overnight/weekly campers and longer term, monthly, campers, how “open” are the long term campers to daily/weekly campers joining them in their activities? Is the park quiet or noisy? There are more descriptions, but you get the idea.

Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park & Cottages’ Personality

Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park & Cottages interior meeting roomWhen Gerrie and I were talking about purchasing a park, we discussed what kind of personality we wanted a park to have. At the time, we were staying in an upscale Good Sam park, that had a very friendly personality. There were a number of park sponsored activities and, at the same time, impromptu get-togethers for happy hour, games, just talking, etc. If we wanted to be by ourselves, the park was quiet. If we wanted to be with others, there was something we could join in.

We decided the park personality we wanted was a park like the one we were at. The personality became something we evaluated when looking at different parks that were for sale. When we purchased Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park & Cottages in Terrell, TX, the personality was close to what we were looking for. In the 3+ years we have owned it, we believe the park has become what we wanted it to be. We are blessed with a staff that is passionate about the facilities, grounds and sites.  Our short term and long term campers having a great experience at the park. We are also blessed with great campers who are friendly, inviting to others, and a lot of fun to be with and around.

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