Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench — RV Product of the Month

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April 1, 2011

Black-Decker-Ratcheting-Ready-WrenchBlack & Decker has added a time and effort-saving ratcheting feature to their original ReadyWrench to create the Racheting ReadyWrench, which has 16 of the most popular standard and metric socket sizes in one hand tool. The socket sizes are color-coded for high visibility and a direction selector ring makes it easy to change directions when ratcheting.

James Fisackerly, a Good Sam Club member from Biloxi, Mississippi, tested the all-in-one tool and reported, “I own a similar model without the ratchet capability and I prefer the Black & Decker.”

PRICE: $29.99

CONTACT: Black & Decker, 800-544-6986,

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  1. LHS

    Are these members illiterate? Comments here are to be about the B&D wrench. Can the comments section be monitored to delete those that are not about the product?

  2. David Erck

    I agree, what about the wrench? Everyone has the same gasoline problem

  3. Gas prices are an issue, they are too high, yet we have a president and congress that don’t care about the middle class….they are taking there bribe money and are controlled by the oil companies! The only way out of this mess is to vote our all incumbents and do not vote for Obama again! We live in a free enterprise system yet the trading of gasoline futures need be suspended in order to protect the American People. Back to ratcheting ready wrench, sounds like a good consept,

  4. Give some of the rest of us a chance to try out new products!

  5. Rob and Jan

    I thought this blog was in response to the B&D ratcheting ready wrench? Bleat about gas prices somewhere else. Let me find out whether the wrench is any good. Puleeese

  6. Ray & Jeanete

    look at what you paid for your RV. this was your dream the thing you worked for all your working life. Yes , you problally out away some money for future expences. Well this is the future so dig oujt that money and if you didd’t put away any mad money then start looking for a money maker while you drive from point “A” to point “B” or stay longer at one place and get a, ” Wal mart greeter” job some place for a while to build up the funds. there is always ways around things so we can do what we want. Oh yes the Kids inhearedence. Forget it! You worked for it not them. Let them work for there own nest egg. It’s time to crack your egg and enjoy it.

  7. LG


    By doing so, to go on vacations, you will have to sleep in hotels or motels, at 150-300$ per night… Event at 250$ per trip, RVing is still the most economical way to have good time during vacations!

    You can use some basic techniques to reduce your fuel consumption, like reducing your speed, accelerating slowly, lookiing very far away when driving (up to 30% decrease in city driving compared to those who drive by looking the bumper of the preceeding car…) and by driving with a large smile… Because when we drive happily, we drive more relax and we avoid rapid reactions that lead to more fuel consumption.

    Personnaly, gas price will not stop me from RVing… unless it reaches levels that would make it less economical that sleeping in luxurious hotels! 🙂

  8. FGW

    The fuel prices are way out of line. The seniors that are on fixed incomes are not going to be able to afford to to go on trips with their RVs. Right now it will cost us about $250.00 for a 2 tank fillup trip in just fuel.
    We am to the point that We am thinking of selling our RV. Because of the HIGH FUEL COST.