Best Pet-Friendly RV Parks in North America (Part II)

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July 28, 2008

Pet Recreation - dog and soccer ballOkay, so we didn’t get a tremendous response on your favorite pet-friendly RV parks in North America, so we’re going to try again.

I do think this would truly be a great list to compile. And what better source than to get the information from you, the RV experts, who have visited these places and can relate your experiences first-hand.

For this round, we must give the prize to North Carolina since two out the four (50%!) responses mentioned RV parks and campgrounds in the Tarheel State. Woo-hoo! Coincidentally, NC is my home state, and I couldn’t be prouder.

For all of you pet travelers, I continue to hear great things about Four Paws Kingdom Camground. As they mention on our website, “Four Paws Kingdom is the first and only dog dedicated campground in the US, offering full service campground amenities plus an exciting array of dog amenities.” Casey also mentioned in a reply to last week’s post that “Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, NC is a great place for pet owners. The park caters to dog owners with off leash areas for small and large dogs, a pet bathhouse, [and] activities such as a swimming pond and agility areas.”

Nancy mentioned KOA Fayetteville, NC  as a favorite. “They have a fenced pet playground (a large one) complete with balls and toys and water for your pet,” she writes. “The playgound is clean and a great place to exercise your pet off leash. The campground itself is very clean and friendly.”

So there you have it: Two great places to visit with your pets. Remember, here’s the info that will be helpful to others:

  1. The name of the park
  2. City and state or city and province
  3. Phone number and email address, if available
  4. Website address (URL)
  5. What makes this RV park “pet friendly?” (nice setting, pet area, pet sitting available, hiking trails, etc.)

Let’s try to get representation from as many states as possible! All you have to do is reply with your comments by listing the items 1-5 and you’re through. Sharing this kind of information with fellow RVers is what it’s all about. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Happy Pet Travels!

Tom James


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  1. jim

    KOA in Lake Placid, NY has a doggie park where your dog can exercise on various doggie ramps and toys that you see on tv shows.
    KOA in Badlands, SD has a large fenced in area to allow the dogs to run free and the highway rest stops in SD have dog pens to allow your dog a chance to walk about off leash.

  2. Dog owners will love the very large fenced dog park with fresh water and benches. At 3PM there are usually 15 to 20 dogs playing there, the parents just chat and socialize. This is truly a fantastic dog park! We have come here for the full winter because of that park! We also love the golf course at the resort and hikers will love the Anza Borrego Desert myriad of hikes. Cyclists can ride forever with either flat or hill challenges! The mineral hot tubs are amazing and the pool is gorgeous with water aerobics offered to guests.
    This is the most beautiful park, surrounded by the mountains of Anza Borrego Desert, no noise just the buzz of hummingbirds! Extra large pull through sites.

  3. Here is a TRULY dog friendly RV park:

    Friday’s RV Retreat
    P.O. Box 68
    McCloud, CA 96057
    [email protected]
    6 easy miles south of McCloud on Squaw Valley Road
    All breeds welcome, provided they are well behaved
    Nice area for dogs to play
    Beautiful RV park in pine forest. Pull through sites with full hookups available. Pine trees and shrubs between sites. Lots of privacy and shade.

    We were thrown out of another RV park in McCloud because we have a 65 pound female German Shepherd that loves dogs and people. We were given no chance to show that she is well behaved. Just “get out, now”. Not my idea of dog friendly. Turns out we liked Friday’s better in every way. Really nice folks. We will be back for our annual trip to square dance in McCloud.

  4. your blog is getting better )

  5. We take our two dogs everywhere we go RVing. We have a Golden Retriever and a Saint Bernard. Our favorite place to RV with our pooches is Normany Farms Family Campground, Foxboro, MA. They ‘ve always been pet friendly but this year they opened their Freedom Tail Park. WOW!! It’s a large fenced area for the dogs to run, it’s clean, has a dog wash and water fountains for humans and dogs just to name a few things. Plus when you check in, they greet your dog with a treat and a tag for their collar with your campsite number on it in case the dog is lost. Check it out!

  6. the Eckert Family

    The KOA in Statesville NC is good to go w/animals. We have two German Shepherds and the Lake Norman State Park is close for trails etc.

  7. glen gorske

    We stayed in Milton, Wi. at the Hidden Valley resort. It was very clean and nice but the had a large pet area that you could let your pet off the leash and allow him to run. My dog just flew up and down the hills and smelled around the trees and bushes. Clean up though, they provide poop bags and the area was spotless.

  8. Paul

    We have two dogs. Both of which are full of energy. We camp on avg. twice a month, some months three times. We live in Va. and there are a lot of campgrounds here. All the campgrounds here are pet friendly and advertise so. Our best dog park is the one at Va. Beach at the Trav-L-Park campground. This dog park is HUGE! The KOA in Bristol TN. also has a nice dog run divided in two sections. We happened to visit that park this past June.
    A pet friendly campground is a must for us especially one where the dogs can run loose in a specified area. Thanks, “The Calland Family”

  9. Fred

    I can’t contribute much, but I have a three-year-old energetic border collie that loves to chase balls. She normally has to be tied up or on a leash which she gets depressed about.

    The town of Oregon City, Oregon has Clackamette city park where we camped. We were allowed to let Bonnie chase balls for hours in a very large, shaded grassy area of the park.

    Also, just a few blocks away is a city sponsered dog park fenced in with used tennis balls from the tennis courts nearby. I don’t remember the name of the dog park.

  10. Reo

    We spent the last winter in McAllen/Mission Texas along the Rio Grand River at The Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort. It is a wonderful park and has a fenced dog park with a seperate fenced agility park with equipment. It is located next to the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park not a lease free park but a good place to ride your bike, walk, or take the tractor pulled wagon to view the birds and other animals.

  11. Bruce

    In our two years of full-timing we have yet to find a park that is not full of pets. I believe it would be much easier to generate a list of not pet friendly RV parks. I would love to have such a list.

    We are so tired of inconsiderate pet owners who think nothing of coming onto your camp site and letting their dogs do their business and complaints to the park management go unheeded..

    We are not anti-pet just tired of inconsiderate pet owners who think the sun rises and sets on their pet.

  12. Diane

    One of the main reasons that we RV is because we want to be able to take our dogs with us (have you ever seen a dog pout because he isn’t going with you?) I am sure that taking your pet along with you is a major reason for 60 to75% of all RVers. I really have yet to find an RV park that is not pet friendly. I don’t know if that is true in all the states, but I have travelled mainly in California (haven’t retired yet!) and everywhere I look to stay is pet friendly. Diane