Introduce Pets to RVing in 3 Easy Steps

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January 7, 2016

As humans, we think nothing of hopping into a RV and going on a trip. And while many pets go RVing without a problem, not all pets are happy to hit the road. However, if you think your critters will have fun traveling, follow these three easy steps to introduce pets to RVing before leaving home.

1) Fill the RV with their scent

As scent-oriented creatures, animals will feel more at home if the RV smells familiar. First, park the RV in your driveway before you ever go on a real trip. Next, look around your home and choose various objects that your pets will recognize and associate with good times. Place these favorite toys and beloved blankets inside the RV.

2) Make a slow introduction

Next, calmly and slowly introduce your pet to the RV. Your goal is to transport your pet into the RV happily and confidently without letting them think they’re going to the vet. If your pet is reluctant to enter, place irresistible treat bribes on the RV steps and inside the entryway. If they resist, don’t force it, just try again tomorrow.

3) Spend time playing inside the RV

The final step to introduce your pets to RVing is to set aside some playtime once you’re inside the rig. Play tug with a toy, review some obedience lessons and just have fun together. When your pet is tired, happily feed a treat or chew toy, then sit quietly reading a book, surfing the web or just relaxing as you would at home. If your pet becomes anxious, don’t react. If they continue, calmly get up, collect your pet and leave without directly acknowledging their behavior.

Taking time to introduce pets to RVing is a real commitment, but the result is many happy road trips with your best friend, who simply wants to be by your side wherever you roam.

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