Bella Terra of Gulf Shores

The RVing lifestyle has evolved. These days, not just Baby Boomers are hitting the road. While traveling, you see many full and part-time RVers trading in their family home for a life on the road before retirement age. One thing these new RVers have in common with their Baby Boomer brethren is the taste for service and amenities they expect in higher end hotels and residences. They expect high-speed internet so they can telework from their rig.  They want dog runs and spas for their four legged friends, swimming pools and planned activities at the resort. RVers also want their experience to be unique.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores - lotBella Terra of Gulf Shores is a Top-Rated Class A RV Resort

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores was created to meet the needs of the modern Class A RV owner – providing a five-star luxury experience with nearly endless opportunities to customize an RV lot.

There are several lot improvements an RV lot owner can make, but the most common include enhanced landscaping, custom paving, kitchens and fire pits, open structures such as gazebos or pergolas and casitas. Casitas provide a “best of both worlds” option for RV lots. Opening up possibilities for expanded kitchens, additional sleeping areas, and storage. Many of our most popular lots include built in seating areas, some with cozy fire pits for evening entertaining and pergolas to protect from the midday sun.

At Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, we offer a full-service operation spanning from rentals to ownership.  You can make us your next home base, but we still encourage you to travel.  After all, that’s what the RVing lifestyle is all about!  When you’re not home with us at Bella Terra, you have the option of earning a return on your investment by placing your lot in our professional rental management program.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is the Emerald Coast’s premiere luxury outdoor RV resort

When you do decide to buy, our facilities manager works with owners to customize their lots.  By selecting design and structural options to satisfy their lifestyle and budget. The facilities manager makes the process of upgrading a lot simple for our owners with many customizations complete within 6-8 weeks. Many of the more elaborate lots command top rental fees as well.  If you’ve ever had any interest in lot ownership at an upscale, motor coach-exclusive community, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is the first place to look.  If you’re not ready to buy but are curious what a true, luxury resort entails, Bella Terra is the epitome of Class A living.

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores - staff

We promise to spoil you, so come see how we live!

To book a stay or learn more about ownership, call us toll-free at (866) 417-2416 or find us online at BellaTerraRVResort.com.



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