Automatic External Defibrillator

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January 19, 2009

As old EMT, we encouraging the campgrounds to have Defibrillators on site.  In Chicago you have an 3% chance of surviving, in Seattle a 16% chance, just because more trained personnel are nearby.

In 4-6 minutes we lose brain cells from lack of oxygen.

More information can be located on the American Heart Association’s website.

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Fred b.

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  1. William Hewes

    Have thought of having an AED on board our RV especially since we RV in Mexico often (like now). Is there a universal sticker a person could place on their RV to show that you have an AED on board available for others?

  2. terry mccauley

    As a fomer emt instruster i carry one in my rv

  3. Bill Daines

    For the negative, my question is would you want to save the life of a loved one or watch them DIE? Would yor like to be in the right place at the right time and know you could save the life of a stranger because you have the training in CPR and AED and have a AED available, you would be amazed where AED’s are available and yes campgrounds should be included!

  4. Fred,

    You must be pre-occupied or just too busy to write a decent article. What a waste of time. At least a couple of your articles have been worth –something–, this one sure wasn’t!