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Multiple waterfalls flowing into stream at Anderson Camp

Only 30 Minutes from Twin Falls Natural Beauty – Anderson Camp

ANDERSON CAMP, NEAR TWIN FALLS, IS A GREAT PLACE TO GET AWAY FOR RELAXING, BEAUTY AND LOTS OF FUN We are located on the Snake River Plateau in South Central Idaho, an area which benefits from a mild four-season climate. WE ARE SURROUNDED BY BEAUTY! Located just off the junction of I-84 and Hwy 50

Broadcast Legend Walter Cronkite First TV Memory

Former CBS Veteran Journalist Mr. Walter Cronkite dead at 92. Growing up in Pittsburgh, my very first memory of television holds the warm, reassuring face of Mr. Walter Cronkite. Each night we gathered in our family room to watch him. Years later, as a part-time reporter for CBS2 in Chicago, I would look back on those

Automatic External Defibrillator

As old EMT, we encouraging the campgrounds to have Defibrillators on site.  In Chicago you have an 3% chance of surviving, in Seattle a 16% chance, just because more trained personnel are nearby. In 4-6 minutes we lose brain cells from lack of oxygen. More information can be located on the American Heart Association’s website. Happy