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Super Bloom Civility — Look But Don’t Crush the Flowers

Observe flower-blooming etiquette as you experience this Spring’s amazing arrays of color

Super Bloom civility — this dazzling event attracts huge crowds and big trouble for fragile flowers.  Days are growing noticeably longer with Spring’s impending arrival. Flowers have begun to bloom, and in California, the timing of the winter rains set off massive blooms of poppies and other blossoms. Seeing these blooms from a satellite image

First camping trip — lone hiker looks out over vast canyon

The Real Reasons to Keep Your Campsite Clean

My first camping trip was with my family alongside the road leading into Grand Canyon National Park nearly 50 years ago. Without a tent, proper sleeping bags, padding or even a stove, we lacked many of the amenities common to our more recent camping outings. A Styrofoam cooler was purchased specifically for this trip, and

A field of orange poppies on a Southern California hillside.

Hope After the Fire: Hiking Through SoCal’s Burn Zone

In the wake of the Woolsey Fire, a hiker shares his outlook on environmental recovery

Hiking SoCal’s fire zone to experience environmental recovery. During an unseasonably hot and windy December in 2018, the sweeping Woolsey Fire burned fast as it roared from one side of Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains to the other. More than 1,643 structures fell to the flames and almost 100,000 acres of land lay scorched, leaving