RVing on the River in Arizona

Follow the current of the mighty Colorado

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January 26, 2018

The Colorado River running through Bullhead City. Photo: Stan Shebs arizona rv trip colorado


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Follow the Colorado River as it carves a path through rugged desert and lush wetlands. Running along the border between California and Arizona, the stretch of the waterway between Willow Beach and Lake Havasu city constitutes one of the most fun RV trips a traveler can experience. So load up the kayaks and canoes, hitch up that boat and pack the fishing gear for an adventure on the current. And if you don’t have any of that stuff, don’t fret: Outfitters can supply the gear you’ll need for a great time on the river.

Willow Beach

Located in the Black Canyon region of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Willow Beach is a popular spot known for its fabulous fishing and boating. The Willow Beach Marina sits at a sharp bend in the river, less than an hour south of Las Vegas. Boaters often set out from this location to motor upriver and get glimpses of the Hoover Dam from the bottom.

Part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the area is surrounded by scenic mountains and rugged desert vistas. Get a look at beautiful wildlife, from bald eagles to bighorn sheep. Go hiking to nearby hot springs or catch fish on the river. Guided tours are available along the River.

Bullhead City

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About 79 miles south of Willow Beach, Bullhead City offers natural beauty paired with ample options for play. Glide into the Colorado River and make a day of boating, canoeing, fishing, riding personal watercraft, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, tubing, waterskiing or wakeboarding. Find year-round enjoyment on any one of the many area golf courses, with stunning desert, lake or mountain views. Take a hike through Grapevine Canyon and see ancient petroglyphs etched into boulders by prehistoric cultures. Experience the adrenaline rush of off-roading across the desert, or try your luck at nearby casinos.

With its combination of activities, sunshine and rugged beauty, Bullhead City has the right mix that keeps vacationers coming back for more.

Lake Havasu

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Motor another 65 miles and you’ve reached Lake Havasu, a river-fed 30-square-mile reservoir that attracts vacationers ranging from leisure-seeking retirees to fun-loving college students.

Year-round sunshine and ample recreation set the tone for a place renowned for lazy beach days, ruggedly beautiful landscapes, challenging golf courses and off-roading thrills. Here, guests can work on their tans or take dips in the water at Lake Havasu City’s numerous sandy beaches. With clear water, the swimming conditions are excellent for most of the year. Spend a relaxing day at Rotary Community Park, the city’s largest public beach and park, with plenty of picnic areas, playgrounds, volleyball courts, exercise stations and more.

Another popular spot is London Bridge Beach. Boasting a grassy dog park, this pet-friendly beach provides stunning views of the historic London Bridge, which was moved in pieces from London, England, and reassembled in here in 1971. For gorgeous panoramic views of the lake and mountains, motor to Lake Havasu State Park or Windsor Beach State Park. While you’re here, take a stroll along the short but scenic Mohave Sunset Trail or visit the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden, home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

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