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The area around Page, Arizona, is like a greatest-hits compilation of the Southwest’s most spectacular sights. With legendary attractions like Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon and Grande Staircase Escalante all within reach, the area has become a popular playground for outdoors lovers as well as a visual artists seeking the perfect picture.

Sitting on the shores of vast Lake Powell in Northern Arizona, the small town is a launching pad for adventures throughout the captivating landscapes. Chances are, you’ve already seen some of this scenery in calendars and post cards. The images have become iconic, but nothing beats seeing them in real life.

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Superb Slot Canyon

Most notable is Antelope Canyon, a stunning slot canyon formed over centuries by floods that carved deep grooves into the area’s sandstone. The force of the rushing water created smooth, curving walls that cast an eerie orange glow when hit by natural light. Photographers flock to the canyon to capture the it’s soft illumination. The canyon which is located about 7.6 miles outside of town.

Another photographer favorite is Horseshoe bend, where the Colorado River dramatically bends in a horseshoe shape. The incised meander creates a signature Arizona image. The iconic vista sits only 5 miles outside of town, making for a great day trip.

Lake Fun

Created by the Glen Canyon Dam, the 16-million-acre Lake Powell extends into both Utah and New Mexico. From one of the area’s marinas, visitors can embark on fabulous fishing expeditions for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and striped bass. Tow your own boat and back it into the lake from one of launching ramps. Equipment rentals are available, and inexperienced anglers can learn fishing tips by taking guided tours on the lake.

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Beautiful Butte

Rising like a monolith from the surrounding desert northeast of page, the stunning Tower Butte has dazzled visitors for centuries and is part of Navajo religious tradition. Modern visitors will feel awestruck, and helicopter tours are available to see this spectacle up close.

If you prefer staying in town, a number of events make your visit worthwhile. During the annual Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta, hot air balloons fill the sky, creating a vibrant panoply that complements the geological marvels on the ground.

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