Play on Lake Powell, Stay at Antelope Point Marina RV Park

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February 5, 2021

Lake Powell -- kayaking between sheer rock walls on a lake

Lake Powell, with its 2,000 miles of shoreline, its deep blue turquoise water and the towering red rock walls, is one of the world’s premier boating destinations. Visitors come from all over to admire the beauty. It’s also the perfect place to hike, bike and just relax.

With more than 80 side canyons, it also means there are endless places to explore. The nice thing about Lake Powell being so big is that it never feels crowded.

Lake Powell — RVs parked at desert sunset.

Antelope Point Marina and RV Park

Lake Powell is obviously best explored by boat. Guests can stay in Antelope Point Marina RV Park in Page, Arizona, with more than 100 spots and views that seem to stretch on for days.

Guests can bring their own boat or rent one and explore the wonders of the Lake.

Did you know Antelope Point Marina includes a full-service restaurant and lounge right on the water? Skip cooking for a night and enjoy a relaxing meal and visit The Point Restaurant for an amazing dinner. The wood-fire cooked pizza is a customer favorite! Or placing a to-go order is easy and just minutes from “home sweet home” in the RV Park.

Lake Powell — wood-fired pizza on a serving platter

Antelope Point Marina RV Park

One of the largest natural bridges in the world, Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a must-see on any vacation to Lake Powell. Antelope Point Marina is the closest Marina on the Lake to this amazing natural wonder.

During the summer months, the water temperature at Lake Powell can exceed 80 degrees. In fall and winter, it cools off but is still perfect for boating and fishing fun.

Small boats in a rocky cove.

Antelope Point Marina RV Park

Lake Powell is full of quiet, secluded spots inaccessible to larger boats. Glide across the sparkling lake waters and get up close to the breathtaking red rocks of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Lake Powell is also known for its abundant bass and offers fantastic sport fishing. When you stay for seven days, it’s easy to spend a full day (or more) fishing.

RVs parked on campsites against a desert sunset.

Antelope Point Marina RV Park

The hustle and bustle of daily life keeps everyone busy. A longer vacation offers guests the chance to truly unwind. Let the stressors of everyday fall away and relax amidst the bright blue skies and vibrant red cliffs of this magnificent lake.

Come to Lake Powell year-round and stay awhile. Antelope Point Marina dates for RV reservations are filling up fast, so it’s time to book an epic vacation now! Call 928-645-5900 ext. 5077 and start dreaming!