Action Line: Another RV Problem Resolved

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December 20, 2011

Good Sam Action Line received the following email from club members Mike and Dianna Wiermann:

We purchased a 2002 Newmar motorhome from Washington’s Poulsbo RV last July. At that time we were shown a checklist of all the things checked by the Poulsbo RV techs, including the roof and tires. We asked if these checks indicated they were all working and OK, and the response was yes. Since then, we found out that the tires are out-of-date by industry standards and the roof is waterlogged. We’ve had the roof checked by two different repair shops, both with the same result – an estimated replacement cost of about $8,000. We will need to get the roof repaired very soon to prevent further damage.

Mike and Dianna Wiermann

Gig Harbor, Washington


Action Line contacted Poulsbo RV and later received the following note from Mike Wiermann:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. After Poulsbo RV was contacted by Action Line, I received a call from Mr. McDonald. He immediately made arrangements to have the RV picked up and the repairs done. Poulsbo RV was 100 percent supportive in this, making the required repairs without undue delay at no cost to me. They then delivered the RV back to my home. I am truly pleased with the outcome. Thank you.

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  1. Bob Fedderwitz

    I purchased a brand new 2009 Damon Challenger 376 on Jan 21st, 2010 (left over). It wan not a good experience, but Damon did stand behind its product than and made all those immediate problems right. After about 19 months of ownership, we noticed that the leatherette on the captain chairs and the two couches were peeling like a badly sun burned sun worshiper in July. I contacted Damon and Flex Steel the manufacturer of the furniture. First reply came from Flex Steel who declared that it was not their problem because they received the material from Damon. Damon (now Thor) contacted me and said they were going to send me the skins, but I must have someone install it at my cost. I received the skins, however it is that exact same defective material that is currently on the present furniture. I read many complaints on various forums of the same problem with this material by many owners. Flex Steel is well aware of the problem but because they want nothing to do with it, they certainly will not take any responsibility. What a dilemma. If I pay the hundreds of dollars to have the new skins installed, I know it will not even last 2 years before it begins the peeling again. My question is why doesn’t Damon (Thor) stand behind its products and do the right thing, instead they hide behind the warranty and put their customers in a real lousy place. How can anybody trust Damon and why will anybody purchase anything from a company who is well aware of a product defect and continues its practices as long as they get by their warranty. Can Action Line please help me and look into this very serious situation.

    Bob Fedderwitz

  2. ray baldrey

    we have a 2003 southwind 36b we have had it two and a half years it had 11000 miles on it since then 3 recalls on it plus outside side panels broke rear axel seals leaked transmisson leaked the kitchen counter has cracked twice any thing to do with water leaked this motor home is the worst rv we have ever owened has any one else had this much trouble there has much more but i am not going to add the rest

  3. John – Thank you for your concern about shipping Camping World orders to Canada. You are correct that the shipping promotions only apply in the 48 contiguous United States. This is unfortunate for our Canadian members, but we want to assure you that Camping World is checking into ways to improve this process. Thanks so much for your patience and for being a Good Sam member and Camping World customer!

  4. john power

    Great news about joining camping world. One important caveat you should advise all your Canadian members(like me); camping world does not ship free to Canada. More importantly they only ship UPS Ground. UPS Ground to Canada is a huge rip-off for duty and broker fees, especially broker fees, as it can double the ship costs. I know from experience. UPS Ground rates are tantamount to gouging and when the poor driver arrives it becomes a Mexican stand-off – Take it or Leave it.
    Some vendors care and offer USPS or FedEX but Camping World seems to be locked in to UPS.
    So…please, please, please warn your Canadian members.

  5. Nancy Cowan

    We just received an email from our RV Insurance company, Geico. We are the second owners of a 2006 Arctic Fox trailer. Geico Insurance informed us that there is a Norcold refrigerator recall for certain models. Norcold can be reached at 1 800 767-9101 or go to

  6. Chuck – so glad you hear that your issue was able to be resolved. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  7. Chuck Flemming

    Well my faith in Good Sam has been somewhat restored. I had a claim that was denied by the insurance company that issued the extended warranty, I had the firm belief that the claim was within reason and should have been covered. I submitted a claim appeal to Good Sam. they reconsidered and paid the claim less my deductible. I am a little disappointed though that they wrote on the check GOOD WILL, instead of reimbursement for the claim. Bottom line it is paid and I appreciate it, now we need to work on them changing the rule, that you must pay for a very expensive diagnostic before they will consider a claim for anything electrical (AC, refer etc.).
    Chuck Flemming