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May 11, 2013

We purchased a 2002 Newmar motorhome from Washington’s Poulsbo RV last July. At that time we were shown a checklist of all the things checked by the Poulsbo RV techs, including the roof and tires. We asked if these checks indicated they were all working and OK, and the response was yes. Since then, we found out that the tires are outof- date by industry standards and the roof is waterlogged. We’ve had the roof checked by two different repair shops, both with the same result and an estimated replacement cost of about $8,000. We will need to get the roof repaired very soon to prevent further damage.

-Mike and Dianna Wiermann
Gig Harbor, Washington

ACTION LINE: Action Line got in touch with Poulsbo RV regarding the Wiermanns’ motorhome issues and later received the following note from Mike Wiermann:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. After Poulsbo RV was contacted by Action Line, I received a call from Mr. McDonald. He immediately made arrangements to have the RV picked up and the repairs done. Poulsbo RV was 100 percent supportive in this, making the required repairs without undue delay, at no cost to me. They then delivered the RV back to my home. I am truly pleased with the outcome. Thank you!

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