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October 11, 2013

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Travel writer – Kym O’Connell-Todd

You know you’re from the East Coast when you frequently use the word ‘wicked’ (Super- Cool to the rest of us) …or when you wipe down a table and it stays wet because of the moist Atlantic air.

Okay, so maybe you’re not from the East Coast. Maybe home is Minnesota, Wyoming or Washington. But the rugged coastlines of the Northeast and the gentle beaches of the Southwest call to the wanderlust in souls of all RVers. Traveling from Maine to Florida, is a trek offered by Good Sam Club Smile & Save partner—Fantasy RV Tours, bringing you closer to local cuisines, world-class cities, contrasting scenery and diverse cultures. Planned properly you will experience brilliant fall foliage as you follow the Atlantic southward to milder climates – the perfect journey for snowbirds who migrate to the Sunshine State’s tropical setting. Along the way, the route offers remarkable scenic views and memorable communities rich in American history.

You’ll soon discover the East Coast is more than just clam chowder and blue crabs. Where else can you visit some of the most prominent cities in the country and the most significant historical landmarks in the same day? Compared to attractions in other US destinations, the ‘must see’ spots on the country’s eastern shoreline are relatively close to one another.

The East Coast boasts many ‘firsts.’ The United States itself was born in New England. It was in Boston that the original patriots took action against the English by seizing 342 chests of tea in a midnight raid, throwing them into the harbor …and here, Paul Revere is still very much alive. Between the city’s many museums and the Boston Freedom Trail, you’ll pick up more details than you ever learned in a classroom. History shows Williamsburg, VA, as the first colony to speak for American independence in 1776. This state also claims the distinction of growing the first peanuts in US soil.

New York City hosted the first American chess tournament in 1843, and the city lays claim to the first landscaped park in the country – Central Park. The first published rules of baseball were written in 1845 for a Manhattan club named the Knickerbockers, who played in the vicinity of today’s Madison Square Park.

The first site selected for the White House in Washington, DC, took place in 1791 after George Washington ordered the laying of the cornerstones a year later. This city, which needs no introduction, has become a popular destination with both American and international travelers for its many monuments and institutions. Yes, it’s the seat of our nation’s government but also a vibrant town booming with new restaurants, bars and activities.

The most astonishing thing about an East Coast trek is the tantalizing mixture of urban and rural Americana. Bean Town, the Big Apple and the Capital each offer unique experiences that help us understand noteworthy moments of our past and show us significant landmarks of our present. But not everyplace in this part of the country marches to the drum of a metropolitan pace. In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, boasts buggies instead of cars, soft evening sunsets in place of glaring electric lights and the clipping of hoofs rather than honking horns as these peaceful hardworking people lead a much simpler lifestyle. Even Gettysburg, with a population under 8,000, offers a small-town feel with its captivating downtown and quaint shops. Like in many Eastern hamlets, September and October is the time of year for county fairs, farmers markets, ripened gardens, hayrides and pumpkin patches. A more somber air prevails on the ridges and fields just outside of town where the Civil War’s bloodiest battle took the lives of 51,000 Union and Confederate soldiers.

All along the entire East Coast, you’ll meet a variety of local residents, all fiercely proud of their place in history and their place on the map. Independent New Englanders statistically tend to show more liberalism in politics. Head a little further south into the Dixie states, and you’ll get a taste of southern values, including the legendary southern hospitality. Sample the charm of Charleston, South Carolina, while visiting the Civil War district and various plantations. While Savannah is the oldest city in the United States, they continually welcome visitors to the historic squares and homes. An escape to this vicinity also offers warm weather and authentic Southern food.

Road trips, the classic American pastime, offer close-up encounters with picturesque communities and people, while allowing you to experience some of the loveliest spots in our country. Not to worry about the multitude of possible routes – Fantasty RV Tours will take care of that with a pre-planned itinerary that takes you to the best venues. All you have to do is pack your rig and come prepared to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Even better, as a Good Sam Club member, you’ll receive a special discount on this caravan. Besides …Fantasy promises a ‘wicked’ good time.

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