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Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona—a Gunslinging RV Destination

Go back in time for your next RV destination and visit Tombstone, Arizona. Located about 60 miles southeast of Tucson, the notorious town of Tombstone can be reached off Interstate 10 on Highway 80 south. During high season, it’s best to secure a reservation in one of the nearby Good Sam Parks, as Tombstone can be a popular

Top 5 Autumn RVing Destinations

It is Fall color season again and you do not need to arm yourself with maps of New England back roads to enjoy nature’s most spectacular show. We have put together this list of the top 5 autumn RVing destinations that will make your fall camping season the best yet. Here is a look at

Which Type of RVer Are You?

There are many different ways to RV, but today we’re going to discuss two RV lifestyles. There are RV touring folks and there are RV destination campers.  RV destination campers go to a given destination for their entire vacation. Touring folks spend their time traveling from one location to another.  The latter group of “Rolling

Need Help Choosing An RV Destination?

If asked to name the five best RV destinations, I bet you would have a hard time narrowing the list down to only five. That’s one of the beauties of the RV lifestyle. You could narrow the list down to categories, like Most Scenic RV Parks, or Best Family RV Vacations and you would still