2010 Endeavor Tag Axle – Holiday Rambler revitalizes its popular line

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March 2, 2009

With the introduction of two all-new tag axle floorplans, along with a roster of new value-packed, high-end amenities, Holiday Rambler revitalizes its popular Endeavor line.

Endeavor exteriorOnce upon a time, Endeavor was Holiday Rambler’s entry-level diesel pusher and its best-selling nameplate. Today there are three lines that are less expensive-Ambassador, Neptune and Vacationer-but Endeavor has maintained its fan-favorite status by packing on a list of amenities usually found in more expensive coaches.

And this year is no exception, as Holiday Rambler introduces two all-new tag axle floorplans for the 2010 Endeavor: the 42SKQ and the 42PAQ, respectively.

Seeing the new tag axle on this year’s Endeavor has no doubt caused a double-take or two from those familiar with the Endeavor line over the years. Everything about its physical appearance proclaims that it’s rolling with the big boys now.

The deluxe full-body paint is not merely a paint job, but a work of art. Beautiful, bold colors racing into and over each other in swirls and dives, blends and fades. With the huge Panaview windshield, Holiday Rambler designers have done a nice job of exploiting the aesthetics of this one-piece wrap-around windshield, in addition to its practical aspects.

Of course, true beauty is judged beyond what’s seen on the outside. And Endeavor delivers. However, before talking about the new floorplans, we probably ought to review a few hardware items.

Endeavor exteriorHeadlining the 2010 Endeavor is the all-new tag axle. Simply stated, the “tag” is an additional rear axle with two wheels/tires added as part of the tag axle, one on each side. This extra axle, which provides two additional air bags on the back of the chassis, helps increase side-to-side stabilization for a smoother ride.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Because the tag axle increases the vehicle’s weight-carrying capacity, vehicle length can be extended to produce the additional benefit of expanded interior living space – real estate you may find to be at a premium while spending time out on the road.

Operating the tag axle is easy. The new Endeavor tag is designed with a button in the cockpit dash that, when engaged, releases the downward pressure supplied to the tag axle. This leaves the tires in contact with the ground, while still enabling the driver to more easily maneuver around sharp corners, back in or position the motorhome inside a tight space.

The chassis is the always-reliable Roadmaster RR10R, new to Endeavor and custom-designed for the tag axle floorplans, with the Cushion Air Glide Suspension providing ten shock absorbers and ten air bags, eight of which are outboard mounted, for wide-stance stability. The raised-rail design provides for larger full pass-through storage bays with flush floors. The air ride is computer-controlled so it instantaneously compensates for weight shifts due to cornering, side winds and so forth, for even greater roll stability. It also keeps the coach level under heavy braking and dampens “porpoising” on the highway.

With a new Cummins 425-horsepower ISL engine with 1,200 torque, and an Allison 3000 MH 6-speed transmission and electronic shifter, this year’s Endeavor remains one of the most powerful coaches in its price range, a real value leader in this respect.

Body construction includes a steel-cage cockpit, as well as the great insulating qualities of a nine-layer peaked one-piece fiberglass roof , six-layer flooring and five-layer laminated gel coat fiberglass sidewalls. Handling is further enhanced by full air brakes with the anti-lock system, automatic traction control and an exhaust brake.

Okay, to the floorplans.

RV enthusiasts will view both the 42SKQ and 42PAQ tag axle floorplans as great designs for snowbirding or family vacations, but there probably isn’t a layout on the market better suited for entertaining and tailgating.

Endeavor 42skq floorplanThe genius of the 42-foot SKQ continues to be its use of the flat-panel television. The SKQ has a big one, a 37-inch LCD, mounted on the rear wall of the living area rather than over the cockpit. You can do that with a flat-panel. (The other coaches have 32-inch LCDs in the cockpit areas.)

This reversal of sightlines changes a lot. The galley sits just behind the cockpit, on the curbside, with the dinette opposite. This means the fridge is just inside the door, which is very handy for patio life. It’s also nice for grabbing a drink while you’re on the road. There’s also decorative ceramic tile flooring from the dash to the living area, where the designer carpeting begins. Perfect.

There are facing sofas in the living area-a 90-inch and a 60-so there’s plenty of sleeping accommodation for up to six adults. People sitting here have a bit of an angle for TV watching, but that’s another advantage of LCD – it looks great at oblique angles. You could seat 11 people pretty comfortably in this coach, all with a good view of the big game, should rain drive your party from the stadium back to your motorhome.

Endeavor interiorIn fact, many will favor the new UltraLeather six-way pilot and copilot chairs for TV watching – you can swivel them around and power-recline all day, and not have to get out of the passenger seat to grab a cold one.

And speaking of coming in out of the rain and cold-the 42SKQ has an option for a gas fireplace. It goes right under the TV. Go tailgating in this coach without tickets to the game.

The bath is completely private and contains the washer-dryer-prep/cabinet for the new optional stackable washer-dryer unit. In the hallway next to it is another of this coach’s unique features: a pair of huge picture windows that let in plenty of light and afford a great view.

The roomy bedroom has a wardrobe across the entire back wall, an optional king bed with two nightstands and a 26-inch LCD TV with remote.

Endeavor 42paq floorplanLike the SKQ, the 42-foot PAQ is also a quad-slide floorplan. And like the SKQ, the front half of the coach has two slides that house the living area, galley and dinette. In the PAQ, however, the layout is flip-flopped, with the living area at the front of the coach just aft the cockpit, with facing 68- and 60-inch sofas and a 32-inch flatscreen LCD TV over the cockpit. Another terrific layout ideal for entertaining, the PAQ can seat 10-11 guests.

The kitchen in the PAQ has the most work area of any Endeavor. It’s the only model with a pull-out countertop extension with drawer and Corian® top at the forward end. This increases counter space tremendously, and still makes it easy for you to get into the drawers below the counter.

The PAQ features the unique and versatile bath-and-a-half design, with an extra large rear full bath along with a half-bath between the galley and bedroom. There’s a linen closet in the full bath that’s also prepped for an optional washer-dryer, and the entire back wall of the coach is devoted to wardrobe and closet space. The beauty behind the half-bath is that guests and visitors have easy access to facilities while your private full bath remains out of the way, and well… private.

Endeavor interior - BedroomThe bedroom slides make for a roomy suite. One side can house an optional king bed and deep overhead cabinets, while the other has a tiered dresser unit, overhead cabinet and 26-inch LCD TV with remote.

Also unique to the PAQ is the optional exterior entertainment center, which includes a 32-inch LCD, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player and two speakers. The mounting bracket for the TV allows it to swivel for added convenience.

This is another great all-around floorplan that full-timers, families and tailgaters will all love.

Both floorplans boast an array of new standard items for the 2010 model year not mentioned above, including: all-new hardwood cabinetry throughout; an Onan® 10 KW diesel generator on a manual slideout tray; dual 15 BTU and one single 13.5 BTU roof air conditioners with ducted air, heat pumps and digital thermostat control; and power windshield and manual driver/passenger solar screens with blackout shades.

The 2010 Endeavor tag axle maintains its high standard of on-the-road performance while breaking new ground in innovative interior design. For more information about this exciting new coach, or to tour one in person, visit your nearest Holiday Rambler dealer.

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  3. WE bought a 1997 40 ft HR Navigator a year ago. I spoke with the previous owner and neither of us have had any significant problems with the coach. We were thinking about buying a new or slightly used HR if we found a good deal on one. Today we learned Monaco was in Chapter 11. The local dealership says they are having trouble getting parts and support. I don’t know now whether it is a good time to buy because of the discounted prices, or to hold off and see what happens to Monaco. No sense in buying a new coach if the warranty is not supported. Might as well buy another used one. The dealership service manager told me today he thought the older models were better built anyway.

  4. gord hulbert

    Will monaco still be in business by 2010, we have a 2002 beaver and have had nothing but trouble with the. Radiator and the transmition cooler both of them had leaks in them and amounted to great expense repairing them. Also the chasis is isn’t very stable half of the ceramic tiles have cracked. Not too happy with the quality control in this motorhome.also the kitchen window was installed and the top of the window is away from the fiberglass was skin 3/4 of an inch – couldn’t believe it until I went on a ladder to see why the window was leaking. Also the heater fan and controls only on high.when you turn on your headlights the needles on the dash change colour and you can’t read the speed your going or what any of the gauges are registering, a real safety factor. I could go on further but what’s the point. I hope you print this and make people aware of the quality control at monaco. Thank you. Gordon hulbert

  5. Ed

    Wouldn’t this be a better unit if it didn’t need a tag axle? Just never got the attraction.

  6. willie

    I own a 2006 endeavor and like the changes. A great coach just got better.