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Al Luehmann and his wife, Mary, are committed RVers from the North Star State of Minnesota. When they’re away from home, Al and Mary enjoy our country’s beautiful landscape in their 2007 Itasca Horizon motorhome, spending the winter months in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Al describes his time on the road as “a way of life after you retire. I have a whole new set of friends from around the country — we’ve become a family.”

Even when traveling in his RV, he enjoys the comforts of home, including live TV. Al chose Dish Network to bring TV to his RV camping because of the unique service benefits.

“The ability to deactivate it whenever we aren’t using the motorhome is a terrific feature. Plus, the rate was better than the competition, and we can get high definition free. I would highly recommend Dish Network service. “

And what does he watch most when on the road? “Sports — the (Minnesota) Vikings and Wild, and my wife is a Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) fan.”

So what’s next for Al and Mary? “Nova Scotia — beautiful country — and Yosemite.”

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  1. Ray Ingram

    Just got off the line with Dish ppl & here’s what he told me. If I purchase a rcvr from Dish it would cost aproxly $450 and then I can call Dish when I’m not using it and I would not be charged the approximately $10 per month rental charge.

    Or I could possibly go on line with Craigs List or E-Bay and find a rcvr that some one bought and are no longer using it for a better cost (if it works).

    If Dish provides the rcvr (which is free except for the 2 year agreement), then I would still be charged the rental fee of the equipment.

    $450 amortized over $10 a month equates to 45 months to break even not counting the time I don’t travel.

    I’m opting to take the free HD DVR equipment and pay the $10 bucks and have a place to go in my driveway when I wanna watch sports at home 🙂

  2. Jan

    Thanks for the info Al. We just bought the received from camping world for the DISH network. It’s good to know that you are happy with it. Happy RVing

  3. Jack

    Why are you always talking about those who see the world through the windshield of their motorhome? What about those of us who travel with a travel trailer? We enjoy those sights, too. Equal time please.