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7 Ingredients to Make Money as RV Road Warriors

A Good Sam rep team shares what it takes to thrive on the highway

Make money as an RV road warrior for Good Sam. Shortly after an early retirement, Lea Taylor celebrated her birthday in a big way. She and her husband, Randy, embarked on the road as full-time RV travelers in a fifth-wheel trailer. As they pulled away from the Missouri home they had just sold, Randy turned

RV volunteers – feeding at the public trough?

The headline reads, “Campground Hosts: Volunteers spend summers on government’s dime” at the Camp Verde Bugle. Citing a long-time volunteer in the Prescott National Forest, the article implies that Dave Underwood is getting a smoking deal for free! The article says, “For volunteering to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone is comfortable,

So, you want to be a Camp Host?

From the desk of Firedude Well it can sure be an interesting position. I was a volunteer camp host on the central coast of California for California State Parks for nearly 6 years. During which time I hosted about 9-10 months of the year and traveled the rest. I thought I had seen it all