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Mark My Words – December: Winter Camping, Storage and Operational Issues

Hi, Folks!  This month, we have some questions on winter camping, winter storage, and operational issues. Have a great Holiday, and a prosperous New Year, and remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] ———————————————   Mark: We would like to camp in cool weather without electricity.  Can a battery safely run furnace blower? Thanks,

Packing Tips For Cold Weather RVing

Cold weather RVing has its challenges.  These can be minimized if you follow a few packing tips as you prepare to leave for your outing.  Advance preparation will help to ensure the best possible experience if you believe there is potential for cold or even freezing weather. First consider what you will need for the exterior care

Highs and Lows of Winter Camping

Winter camping with your trailer or motorhome can be a wonderful experience.  The cold weather and a little snow can heighten the senses of true camping.  The lack of other campers in the park can add to the changes you might otherwise not encounter.  The managing of the heat, power and water supply can provide