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Arcadia — Discover Vibrant Nature and Old-School Florida Charm

  Stay Here During Your Visit: Little Willie’s RV Resort, Arcadia Antiques are the apple of just about everyone’s eye in the quaint southern Florida town of Arcadia, but there’s more to this corner of the Sunshine State than vintage finds. Situated just an hour east of Sarasota, the seat of DeSoto County was built by

Monument Valley has Made an Appearance in a Variety of Hollywood Classics

Big and memorable cinematic productions have frequently graced the Navajo National – particularly Monument Valley, which, thanks to director John Ford, became the familiar backdrop for the American western genre.  Yet Monument Valley isn’t only for dusty cowboy movies – it’s also appeared in science-fiction flicks, contemporary action movies, and even comedies.  Here are 12

Winslow and Meteor Crater — Out-of-this-World RV Adventure

Flaming meteors and a musical hit put this pair of attractions at the top of the charts

Stay Here During Your Visit: Meteor Crater RV Park, Winslow   If the world seems volatile now, imagine what it must have been like 50,000 years ago, when a flaming meteor traveling roughly 26,000 miles per hour slammed into the earth near modern-day Winslow, Arizona. Meteor Crater is a fascinating and popular attraction that’s considered to

RVing on the River in Arizona

Follow the current of the mighty Colorado

  Stay Here During Your Visit: Vista Del Sol RV Resort, Bullhead City Willow Beach Marina & Campground, Willow Beach Follow the Colorado River as it carves a path through rugged desert and lush wetlands. Running along the border between California and Arizona, the stretch of the waterway between Willow Beach and Lake Havasu city constitutes