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Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is a beautiful, private, 190-acre park surrounding seven fully-stocked fishing lakes all filled with recycled water. The park provides a safe and tranquil setting for camping, fishing, picnics, fitness, bird watching, boating, biking and special events in a natural environment. These are just some of the reasons Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve

75 Years on the Alaska Highway

See our ongoing coverage of the Alaska Highway’s 75th birthday in the coming weeks. RV the Alaska Highway This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway, the 1,422-mile long ribbon of asphalt that crosses stunning terrain between Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and Delta Junction, Alaska. For RVers, the so-called AlCan (short for the Alaska-Canadian Highway) is the

Springtime in the Rockies at RedRock RV & Camping Park

Springtime RV Travel You are in the midst of winter and your thoughts turn to spring. Think about spending May or early June with RedRock RV and Camping Park. That’s a time when most people are still just thinking about their vacations. Why not get a head-start on them and enjoy the pleasures of spring